Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Ry's Room Reveal

Here is My Ry's Big Girl Room Reveal!!!!

First things first.....  is her Built in bed...Complete with a more mature Bed in a bag which we scored from Walmart for 30.00... We recycle her dresser which is now also part of the built in...
 This is a neat-o light it has a remote and a dimmer for instant mood... She can turn it on, hop into bed, and turn it down to read or listen to music. I cut her name out on a scroll saw before she was born and we have repainted it to match each room redo!!! We also recycle picture frames to match in the same fashion.. A little paint goes a long way!!!
 There is handy-dandy storage for her laundry basket... If everything has a home it is way easier for my kids to keep their room neat and tidy...
 Borrowed this idea from Terry Mommy... How easy and cute to say a girlie girl lives here, than with tons of ribbons... The best part is I had most of the ribbon to make the valance in the first place... It is kinda a sickness I have...
 This is a tie rack but we love that it slides in and out of the way in the closet... So we hang scarfs and necklaces from it... then they stay untangled and we can see everything we have... I have one in my closet too!
 Daddy does closets too! It looks bare because we just went through her wardrobe and took out the things that don't fit. Also she really only hangs coats/jackets, dresses and skirts...
 This was her "salon" but she decided she is growing up a little and changed it to an artist desk. Once a fun black and pink, now painted this wonderful white. We found matchy baskets for her colored pencils. Instead of her salon stool we found this chair at Ikea in scratch and dent for 10.00$... It was all black so I sewed a polka dotty seat cover and wallah!!!
 This is how you enter her bed... you can also see the remote to the light!!!
 Where the stairs are, it squishes the cabinet a little. We still wanted it symmetrical so we store her extra blankets and pillows there... Across the top of her dresser is a drawer for socks, undies, tights, undershirts, her "don't leave low" items like fingernail polish and lotion... Her stash of cash... and that kind of stuff.
 She has done a lot of transforming and recycling too... She got the jewelry box from Auntie Preslee and it didn't match so it got turned rocking blue and we put a big heart over the glass detail... We still need to find a few more things for the walls, but she just painted a beautiful painting which daddy can frame for us so we can put it down there... Also, Auntie Preslee is going to do a painting for her too! We need to get an earring holder to display all her bling and then we are going to call it a job well done!

Now on to the next project!
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  1. Oh my goodness! Her room is so cute. I love the bed!

  2. That is so cute! I bet she is just in Heaven. Will you come do my room?

  3. This is amazing!! Looks great! So creative and organized. I love it :)

  4. Is this bed custom-made? or did you purchase??? my daughters are in love

  5. I love this bed! Is there any way I can get instructions on how to build it?

  6. I realize this post is really old, but any chance, you have directions for building this bed/dresser built in? It's beautiful

    1. Thank you so much, my husband is a carpenter, we took a dresser and basically built the bed on top of it.. I think it shows the rough in, in an older post. I am so sorry that there aren't any "plans" for it.


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