Thursday, December 8, 2022

Nativity puppets

  On the Clawson side of our family, the tradition is to get together on Christmas Eve. We have a special dinner,  give and open gifts, the pajama-elves leave pajamas on the porch, and we do the nativity with puppets. My dad reads the story while the rest of us hold up the puppets. Sometimes it is not very reverent and sometimes the true meaning of Christmas and the story of the Saviors birth really shine. (Most often, it’s super silly). One year nobody could stop laughing because my little sister Averee (then about 6), had the cow, and said “baaaaaa, oh I mean mooooooo”, then we had to keep mooing and baaing. 

My Mom made these puppets so long ago and our family has grown so much we don’t have enough for everyone. So this year Eden and I made a few more. It has been really fun working on this project with her. Although she wanted a chicken. I vetoed that for a multitude of heavenly hosts. We did get chicken nug started...  

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