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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ry and Gator says

Friday night we had a date night. Daddy and I love to include the kids because we don't spend a bunch of together time during the week. Friday nights are fun for this reason and I look forward to them. I know that my little family does too! One thing that we like to do, is find a fun spot to eat out. We have tried many little "Hole in the wall" joints and that is what makes it memorable. This Friday we finally decided on a tiny Japanese restaurant. Ry ry was not thrilled. She wanted something completely different and was set on it. Now this little girl doesn't throw to many tantrums but I can tell when one is coming on. We were sitting in the booth waiting for daddy and Gator to get back from washing hands when I looked over to see her; head down, pout face, laying on the table. I told her...

"Ry if you are going to continue to put your head down and pout, you can head right out to the car and wait for us to finish eating".......

She quickly changed her mood, sat up, and said "Mom, I am totally fine... The reason I had my head down is because... IT'S BEEN UP ALL DAY!"
(No arguing with that one!)

Then in Church today, I let Gator use the restroom during sacrament meeting. One of my biggest pet peeves is my kids running in and out. I try to have them go potty, get a drink and chat with a few friends before it all starts, so that they are ready and have all those things out of the way. The problem with today was: as we were leaving Munchie needed her stinky diaper changed, the garage door would not close and so I had to get out and hold the button, and I was offering the opening prayer. Sometimes getting everyone there all by myself and on time is a big job. I told him that he could go if he was very reverent. He folded his arms and left. Coming back a few minutes later I considered it all to be a success. Gator came over and asked for something and while I was helping him tuck his shirt back in I noticed the end of his tie was wet...

"Gator boy, why is your tie all wet?"
"Well mom, I am sorry, but.... I just peeped on it a little bit" (also showing the amount by squishing his eyes closed and pinching his fingers together)

Dang that tie!

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Kevin and Ashley said...

Sometimes that just happens - Ties just get peeped on a little bit. HA - LOVE it! What cute kids you've got!