Life with the oldest sister who loves theater and fashion, a boy who has Hypoplastic Left heart Syndrome, now Heart transplant and partial Liver from Aspergillius, but thinks fishing and electronics rule. The most amazing middle-child-sister-aspiring artist. Also, a girl and her Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome, Neuro Endocrine Cell Hypoplasia, Lumbar Hemangioma, asymmetrical gluteal cleft, Pectus Carinatum who loves littlest pet shops, American girl dolls, playdates. And one yummy baby brother who has a coarctation and bicuspid valve and thinks super heroes are the best.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Update on the large round lady

Yesterday I went for my routine 38 week Dr appointment. Everything is looking healthy in fact maybe a little too healthy. After taking a few measurements and discussing my desire to wait until the 10th (cause wouldn't that make an awesome birthday.. 10-10-10) The Dr thought it best to see just how big our she-baby will be. The best way to do that is with an ultrasound. So I came back a little later for it. This would also help us decide if I might be at risk for something scary and it's name is... c-section. I am not saying that those guys are not safe and that millions of babies are born that way every week/year. But I am way scared of it... I have only delivered vag, even my miscarriages were as "natural" as I could make them. After reviewing the ultrasound we have a rather large baby in there. She is gonna come out with chubby cheeks. Right now she is weighing in at 8lbs 15oz + or - around 20oz. Her head alone measured that of a 42 week 2 day baby... Huh... So last night we went to Italian village as per tradition. Then I walked the neighborhood streets for an hour and a half. Today I am not sure what I will try.. The primrose sounds good, but I might try a little Castor Oil too... Just can't wrap my brain around the fact that it makes you sick.... Anyway... Would you say a little prayer that this little girlie makes her grand appearance soon. Otherwise we wait just till Tuesday for an induction... THE LIGHT!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I have done it!!! I have finally hit the all time Kankle high. My feet feel large, squishy, tight, and extremely unattractive. I actually like feet. I think they can be kinda cute. But, these guys are NOT cute! My square "Flinstone" toes look like little sausages, my snuggle toe can hardly snuggle. I am not fitting shoes.. I hardly fit flip flops. No wonder they say pregnant and bare foot. We can't fit into a single pair of shoes while pregnant and so we must resign ourselves to bare feet. Who would want to wear shoes anyways, it's not like I can reach to tie the darn things.
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I knew this would happen at some point!

During this entire pregnancy I knew that at some point I would have a very curious child on my hands. Now that I am 38 weeks preggers I thought I was off the hook.


At dinner tonight the conversation went something like this....

R-"Mommy will the baby be eating your food?"

M-"Yup, everything the baby needs right now comes from inside my belly"

R-"Well then, how did the baby get in there?"

M-(I thought about that for a second... I don't want to offer too much or too little information. I want it to be accurate and honest, but not over her head) "It's kinda cool" I tell her "babies start out very little, like a seed. Then they begin to grow and grow. On the outside it is hard to tell that there is even a baby in there because it just looks like a very big belly. When the baby gets big enough then the mommy and daddy go to the hospital and the doctor takes the baby out."
By this time I am hoping I haven't under done it....

R-"Huh, that is what I thought"

Whew! She took that explanation and I didn't have to go into more detail about the "seed" right now. This would be information I wouldn't mind her sharing, or that if she was the one receiving the information, having it... I think I dodged a bullet today...

If anyone out there has a better explanation that they would use on a kindergartner.. I am all ears.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Don't forget!

Sometimes kids say the funniest things. I wonder how their little brains work. It is amazing how creative they become in describing something, yet are so sure about what it is they are telling you! Well since I heard a few more today I wanted to jot down a few that Gator has said recently.

gaspopper = grasshopper

Pull cheese = String cheese

slinky apples = apples cut with a peeler

snuggly blankie = favorite green blanket

crunchy ice = ice water that has crushed ice

running flipflops = Nike flipflops (who runs in flipflops?)

nuggleme = please snuggle me

That is all I can remember now.. I am sure I will come up with more as I remember them.

One or two things I can think of that Ry says... She gets a little mixed up on grammar.:)

"We dear Heavenly Father" = Our dear Heavenly Father
"We love to play.... Do we" = We love to play, don't we?
"This is a yummy dinner, is it daddy" = This is a yummy dinner, isn't it daddy?
"I hope I could have a party today" = I wish I could have a party today

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


If you would like to see the very cool things made for the IHH walk event, check them out on this VERY new blog....

Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Crafts

So ever since I found out we were having a girl I have been looking at cute things to make for her. I did this with Gator boy too, however, they just don't have much out there for boys.

So from left to right, top to bottom this is what the item is and were you can find the tutorial to make some yourself. Unless of course I made it up or there is no tute about it......

#1-2... this is one of those handy dandy car seat covers. I am not quite finished with it. I just need to sew on the Velcro and the bows and Wallllahhh! I am not crazy about the colors and think I might look for something else... But in the mean time I am using this... Here is the tutorial-

#3... Our car seat was in need of a major upgrade... But it doesn't expire for one more year. (yeah, did you know that they expire????) Anyway I know this voids the warranty but it needed it so bad. With the help of one of my amazing friends and neighbor we redesigned it. Sorry no tutorial on this project. It was kind of hard so I am not sure you would want to do it anyway.

#4... Binky bling..... I just made this up... Those little holdie-on-thingies are curtain holders with the hooky pulled off. Then I just beaded what I thought looked cute... Now those Binky's won't drop and get dirty. Here is another tute for the kind you can make with ribbon.

#5...Wrist bling..... Just bracelets for a little person...

#6... The Hooter Hider.... Okay these are priced way high in stores and boutiques. Especially when you need or like a bigger one. Here is the tute....

#7.... Hooded towels... I made two for the baby and one for each of my older kids. They don't get them until she comes so they can all have something new-ish. Sorry no tute on this.. My momma showed me how to make these years ago.

#8.... Baby shoes...Six pair.... 3 are not totally finished I need to sew on the snaps and the buttons on the outside... I am not sure if I can find the tute on these... I'll try.
(Julianne- Are you eyeballing a pair of the leopard print.. One if for your bean!!!)

#9.... ruffle socks..... Just plain old white baby socks that I crocheted a ruffle on...

I gotta keep these hands busy somehow... I made the crib skirt for her crib too, that is kinda boring so I didn't show it... I have a couple of other things in the works.. For some reason I don't feel much like working on them right now.....I just need to finish the shoes and car seat cover I started and then call it quits for a while right?

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Walk For Healing Hearts

The walk for Healing Hearts took place on Saturday September 11th. It was in my opinion one of the best events. Our goal is to raise money for the support group. It turned out to be great weather and Daddy built some amazing things for the silent auction. Because I was four weeks away from having this baby I didn't do the walk. I sat at the silent auction table and took bids.. Daddy also took the kids and did the walk...

Gator only wanted to play with friends.

Ry after the walk.
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Preschool Man

Pictures of his first day of preschool.... I think he might be a little busy, but I am sure Miss J can manage him.

Some of his school friends..
He asks every day if he can have a friend over. I am having such a hard time feeling good that I don't want to neglect someone elses child too, so for now I tell him nope and that he can play outside in the backyard all he wants. I can't wait to tell him yes more often.
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

True meaning!

Both Ry and Gator are ticked that they have never had their swim suites handy for the carPOOL.... Everyday Gator wanted to see this amazing pool... Can you imagine what must be going through his head!

Ry had a funny bathroom moment. We had to run down to the neighboring shop by daddies, to borrow their potty (Ours was occupied). This shop was a new place so Ry wanted me to go in with her. After a few minutes I knew we were going to be there a while-ish... Ry Ry did too, because she looks at me and says.
"So mom, Tell me about yourself!"
Ha! Where do I start?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

So much to do so little time....

Gator started Preschool!!!! Can't even believe that he is old enough to go there. I did great he did great and I am sure that this is the start of a very wonderful time for him. Now, here are my concerns as a heart momma.
1. For two hours he is in the care of another individual who is highly qualified and extremely careful, but it would kill her to have anything happen to him on her watch even though things happen on my own watch. So although I trust her completely I hope he doesn't do any health naughties while at school.
2. He is going to get sick, I already know this. I am just not sure what will come first and as we enter respiratory season the idea of how we will make this work is a little unnerving.
3. I am having a hard time teaching him to listen to his body. To try and do things for himself. I recently was chatting with a friend who told me about a culture that teach dependency on the family, they spoon feed their children until they are teens. This is good in their poor culture because it enables the family to work as a unit which then means everyone is taken care of. However, in the states we teach independent living. Our children are supposed to feed, bathe, dress, understand and advocate for themselves. I feel like maybe I am not pushing him enough to do these things. I guess I just need more time. Good thing he is little enough to be molded a little more. LOL!

After school I asked him what he talked about in school and he said..... "Not Jesus".... I had a good laugh.. Because, when we ask what he learned in nursery at church he always answers "Jesus". This is the perfect answer because, isn't He what church is all about? I guess for school not so much. After just one preschool class he is singing the welcome song of, "Good morning to you, good morning to you" Also, it must be a good sign that things went well because he asks every night if tomorrow is school for him too? He is also very excited because he wants to bring Monster Truck for 'show and tell' (Monster Truck is his pet frog)...baaaaaa, so many neat things for him.


Ry had a birthday! Shout hurray!
On her actual day it was a little low key because this is a friend party year and we are planning a huge shin-dig for her day. She is so lovely. Her favorite food is sandwiches, so for her birthday dinner it was a toss up between Paradise Bakery and Sam's club pretzels. In the end we opted for Paradise bakery. ohhhh it was yummy! She really wanted a bike, and daddy did a great job finding the perfect bike. She also got a little bit early birthday from Grandma and Grandpa C., Twinkle toes shoes!!!!!!! She slept with them the first night and loves them... Oh, those guys are pricey... She loves them toooooooo death! So thank you for the wonderful shoes.... Also, she has been reading up a storm and so Grandma and Grandpa Great got her some Dick and Jane books and she has really loved being able to read them. Plus, we know she is a glammer Diva so the earrings they sent were perfect too!

Party day details and pictures to come.

And Last but not least....

Baby... My appointment went well.. I am dilated to a one already. Plus she said things were "soft"... She also thinks that this is gonna be a big girlie, I think so too! A small worry for delivery day, but doc doesn't want her to come just yet. Doc thinks just because she is big doesn't mean her little lungs are ready yet so... I gotta wait a little longer. I have done sick baby before and I don't want that again. So although I am extremely uncomfortable I will be, just to make it better for her. If you see me and ask how I am doing, I will most likely say just fine... I am tired of complaining... I have been doing projects to take my mind off things... I am excited to show the things I have made so far...

Pictures to come....

k- peace out!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

America's next top model

I wanted to do a few maternity pictures because I liked having the ones from when I was pregnant with Gator.. I guess I should have known that I wouldn't like them that much. I didn't delete them all. (although it was very tempting) I guess I carry girls different and it is evident in everyone of those pictures. ANYWAY! My kids love to work my camera.. In more ways than just to be in front of it working it... They love that I have a remote, so they can be in charge of taking their pictures. Ry loves it the most... As you can plainly see those looooooong legs just might be her ticket to big mooolla later in life.... We watch way too much 'Project Runway', America's Next Top Model, and Toddlers in Tiaras. She is picking up all the moves.
Gotta love the way she WORKS those skinney jeans.
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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bikes, trikes, scooters, skates

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School is cool

One of the perks of school is the reading assignment. I say it is a perk because Ry will use any excuse to be allowed to stay up later. Even if that means manipulating mommy's guilty feelings of needing to be read to. Or that she must read herself in order to fulfill the assignment. She is only supposed to "Need" to read/be read to 20 minutes, we have found these fabulous books that she relates to and is enjoying so much (crud, her mommy enjoys so much) that we can't put each book down until it is complete. Yeah for 'Junie B. Jones'!!!! Anyway, one of the books talks about the carnival that happens at school. We happen to read it about a week before Ry had her very own Fall Festival. It was so funny to have things happen in the book that she could compare to...

This is her lovely face.. Which she slept in, it in turn, ended up on her pillow case...

If any of our neighbors would like to borrow some of these darling books... YOU CAN!
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