Life with the oldest sister who loves theater and fashion, a boy who has Hypoplastic Left heart Syndrome, now Heart transplant and partial Liver from Aspergillius, but thinks fishing and electronics rule. The most amazing middle-child-sister-aspiring artist. Also, a girl and her Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome, Neuro Endocrine Cell Hypoplasia, Lumbar Hemangioma, asymmetrical gluteal cleft, Pectus Carinatum who loves littlest pet shops, American girl dolls, playdates. And one yummy baby brother who has a coarctation and bicuspid valve and thinks super heroes are the best.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Two little speckled frogs

Our kids owned frogs. It was my sad attempt for pets. Remember how I can't do dogs and I can't do cats? Well I guess I shouldn't do frogs either. We won these two frogs last summer at the Fourth of July carnival, by throwing ping-pong balls into tea cups. The kids were happy and these little frogs are relatively low maintenance pets. I thought this is a winning situation. Each named their frog, Ry named her "Princess" and Gator named his "Monster Truck" creative for 5 and 3 year olds. Well, I clean the little aquarium these frogs live in about every two weeks. They are miniature African frogs or something and their skin is really sensitive so you can't just chuck them back into the water after changing it you have to leave the water out to oxidize. So I had P and MT in a little cup for over night, with a lid on. I thought the lid was on firmly but somehow one of the frogs got out and pulled a Nemo because I can't find it anywhere. The last time that happened I found it sitting in the disposal. I stuck my hand all around down there and didn't feel it. Poor Ry is devastated and I keep on having visions of a yucky chewed up frog. EEEEWWWW! Just don't give me pets people. Or I should wait until my children are old enough to protect their pets from me.

Isn't this funny? I went looking for pictures of Ry at Munchies age and found these, Munch is wearing these clothes right now. I then went searching and found this one and only photo of Gator baby without tubies at this age...

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wow wow wowie!

Gator has never ever gone into his room, lie down and taken a nap without coaching, crying, and rewards. He did it today. I will never see it again, I bet, so I am documenting.

Another first... Ry lost her first tooth today... She may have been a little mad at me because she wanted me to pull it out with string, but we tried two times and it wouldn't come so then I caught it with my finger nail.. It was just dangling by this point so she reached in and pulled it the rest of the way. It has a sister tooth to the left that is really wiggly but she won't let me get close to her. She told me one per day. It must be a little traumatic for her. I won't say this too loud but it means she is growing up and I am getting old...
Also, it is currently snowing and she is wearing a swim suit that we picked up for cheep from Walmart and is three sizes too big. Brrrrrrr!
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The nearest thing...

The Nearest Thing to Heaven is a Child.

This weekend we battled fevers for the Gator man. Last Wednesday he was tossing around a temp of 104.0 I called the doc. I really didn't want to take him in so I gave Motrin and gave him a bath to bring it down. It came down, Thursday he was totally fine I thought it was just a bug... Friday he started again with the fevers and Saturday before the ward Christmas party he was 102.6. I gave him a little Motrin before we left for the Dr. he looked in both ears and found that one of his tubes was sitting in the canal and he had a very angry ear infection. Dang, just that fast after the tube fell out he had an ear infection. I bet we are in store for more of that tube action. The doctor warned that if he got another infection this winter that is the direction we will be going.

Munchie seems to have bypassed that icky-ness even though her brother tries to smother her with smoochies all day. I have to remind him that she can't have his kisses until he is all better.
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sunday Dash

Sunday should be a reverent day and it usually ends up that way but starting the day out and getting to church is another story. Daddy is usually gone to church meetings by 7:00 am. This means it is my responsibility to get our three small children and myself presentable, fed, and out the door by the time church starts at 9:00 am. You would think that because our church building is only a block away that it would be easy. Before we had baby I could do it without too much drama and be a little early, now we have to go through the learning curve again. So that brings me to the last couple of Sundays.

The first time it snowed really hard I had the baby bundled and all ready for church. I know some of you are shaking your head because she needs to be all the way dressed including baby bling, but it is so cold out and we might as well be fashionable too! We are almost ready and rushing out the door when she explodes... Poopies up her back... Dang. I have to strip her down and re-dress her. Now we are really pushing it and I want to drive slow in the snow so I don't spin out and make us even more late. We get to church and the plows have just plowed the parking lot and pushed all the snow up against the side walk. I get the baby out in one arm, wrapped in her blanket with the diaper bag slung over my shoulder. Then in my other arm I grab out my song book and the other things I need for Primary singing time. I help Ry out of the car and start to carefully cross over the snow mound (she is in heals), stepping in the steps of someone before. Poor Gator made it out the door without his shoes tied, no coat (bad mom), and he just isn't tall enough and he looses his footing and falls forward. He face goes into the snow and he starts to cry. I am already carrying a bunch but I have to save my boy so I adjust the song book and reach down and grab his wrist and lift him dangling up over the snow, up the stairs and into the church. He starts to cry harder and he tells me he lost his shoe. My fault again cause I should have tied those things way back at home. I have him and Ry sit down right in the entry. I hand Ry the baby and put down all my gear and go back outside to find his shoe. It is buried somewhere in the snow pile and I can't find it. I almost give up to wait for spring. A helpful neighbor girl finds it... Whew! we get it on him and TIED and then we rush in to start to prepare for church. I think he was a little wet and cold all day.

Last Sunday we almost made it on time but I really needed to feed the baby before we left. My other two were having GoGurt and granola bars for breakfast because I just didn't time things well. I finished one side but decided she could wait for the other because she was asleep and content. We made it to church, she stayed asleep during the first hour but was really starting to get fussy for Sunday school. So I sent my 16 and 17 year old Sunday school class to help in the nursery or primary. Then I went to the mothers lounge to feed the baby. She was happy to eat and then..... She went poopies so much that she blew out of her diaper. It was up her back, down her legs and all over. As I was trying to clean it up it got in her hair and there was nothing I could do but give her a bath in the sink. She thought that was kind of fun I think. I wrapped her in her blanket and went to find daddy who took her home to find more clothes for her. I don't know how come she makes it out of her diaper. She already has moved on to size 3 so I know it isn't because they are too small.

It is a learning curve. Somethings I should know but remember now are...
-Always pack multiple outfits
-Take a bigger snack
-Get up earlier so you can leave earlier, especially in snow
-Set out all the gear you need the night before so coats and shoes are located before you head out.
-Try to bath the older two the night before so they only need to eat and dress in the morning
-Just plain old remember that it's gonna take a while to establish a routine, but before long we will get it.
-Always thank my sweet hubby on the mornings he can help cause it sure is a lot easier with two adults.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

baby alive

Ry has a real live Baby Alive. Okay, I play it too. We can't help but dress her up.
sometimes many times a day.. No, really it can't be helped as she erps up or blows out of her diaper.

Uncle and Auntie want to train her young!

I totally love hand me downs!
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The Blessing of Eden

My mom is so amazing. I didn't want to ask her because I know she is busy.. But, when she offered and insisted I totally had no problem saying yes to her making this amazing gown. Do you drool at it too? I scanned the computer late at night while I was pregnant to find a dress I liked in a price bracket that seemed right. Nothing had this look without costing a bunch of money and maybe my right leg too!. I was going to have her blessed in my gown because I love it so much and that wouldn't cost so much. Then mom said she would make it...(Did you just hear the angels sing?) I love the Peter Pan Collar and the mini puff sleeve with the arm band, the cathedral length is my very favorite feature.... All the embroidery is hand stitched... Grandma you outdid yourself again. I should post a picture of Ry's so you can see her amazing dress too.
I contributed by making the headband and the bracelet.
Gotta love that face!

Her other grandma made the snugly blanket that she is wrapped in. Sooooo perfect with it's cute buttons and pink ribbon...
I love it too!
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dr updates

Gator First- He went to see Dr. Su on the first of this month. His visit was impressive. We were hoping for good new! We began to warn Gator that he had an appointment coming up and he would ask "Are they going to cut me mom?" I was always happy to say; not this time. He was a little scared of the EKG stickers or leads or buttons what ever you prefer to call them. They have caused pain when removed in the past. I told him we could leave them on until we get home and he could soak them off in the bath. That seemed to be okay with him. We ended up not needing a limited Echo. It is nice to be able to just get away with pictures (x-rays). He did great. The EKG was easy this go around because they used non-sticky stickers. He weighed in at 32 Lbs that is perfect for his surgery weight. Those pounds were hard to put on..WHEW!!! Now we plan that surgery. Dr. Su said to look at our calenders for July or August. I am shooting for August because of everything that happens in July. Yay for being good enough to start looking at a date. Obviously we still have to have the Cardio Cath and Sedated Echo that tells us he is a candidate. From the outside he looks like a perfect candidate

Munchie- She had her appointment today. She was all smiles and coos until we poked her. She weighed in at 12 Lbs and 14 ozs that is the 90th%. She was 23 inches long 90th% too! Her head size is in the 75th%. What a little chubs. It shouldn't surprise me because she love love LOVES to munch!

Ry- hasn't been to the doctor so I don't have anything to say except that she is wonderful.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wooooo the Snow

We got dumped on about two weeks ago. He wanted to play in this before school. I said nope and I took his picture instead. When he got home from school I put all his snow gear on. Yes, it was even more than this. Until his face was the only skin showing. Then I let him play. He loved it. He stayed outside for four hours. When he finally came in, his lips were blue and he had a double barrel runny nose all the way to his chin. I had to give him a bath to warm him quickly. He had so much fun. I guess that is all that matters.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The after Bath

I wish you could smell the yummieness through the computer... They are so lovely... I just love to munch on their neck meat...
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Kindergarten Christmas Program

Ry and Payton

Ry had her Christmas Program on Friday. She did a great job and remembered the songs and poems. Her favorite poem was...

I took a lick from my peppermint stick
and I thought it tasted yummy
It should have been on my Christmas tree
But I liked it better in my Tummy

We also took the ginger bread (Graham cracker) houses to have her teacher store. I thought I would try to make them with the sugar paste and they were very fragile and took forever to dry so I ended up going over to the school one lunch day and had the children give me the empty milk containers. I brought them home washed them out... then hot glued the crackers to them. we just have to tell the kids that the crackers are yucky... No eating cold hot glue...

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Corn.... Hummm..

I had to get permission from Ry to write this post. It has taken me this long to procure that permission.

The day after Thanksgiving Ry came out of the restroom and said,

" I am not so good at corn mom!"

"Ok, why is that Ry?" I asked her.

"Cause it all just came out whole!"

I couldn't stop laughing to tell her that is normal.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gearing up for Christmas!

How cool is this!!! The Grand America Hotel in down town SLC throws a huge Christmas party, they light the Christmas tree and....

Do a window scavenger hunt for a yummy cookie prize.

Write Letters to Santa.

Decorate Ginger bread "people".

And visit the big guy himself. We all sat with Santa and Mrs....

Grandma and Grandpa came too! All for $FREE.99. I so love $FREE.99.


We spent Thanksgiving with Grandma and Grandpa Groesbeck down in Richfield. It was quite the experiance to take Munch down cause if you'd recall she isn't the best passenger. She was happy about 75% of the way. The other 25% was enough to give us all a head ache. We loved visiting with family and of course enjoyed the bowling after. Ry did better than both daddy and I even though we had bumpers.

Gram and papa watching the Munch!

Check out that form!
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Off Track

He is pretty darn Incredible!

I tried to make off track fun. To save us while we are inside because it is too cold to go out. We went to Jump and Bounce.

It was pretty fun.

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Grandma's 80th

Happy Birfday Grandma...

We love you!
I wish I'd a got one with all my kiddo's. Didn't think of it cause they were too busy playing with cousins. Shoot darn.
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oh Munchie oh Munch!

Oh she is getting so chubby.. Her cheeks are completely kissable.

She is starting to smile!

And she loves to talk while she is laying on her changing table...
This look is the "Hey, I see you, Where you going?" look!
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