Life with the oldest sister who loves theater and fashion, a boy who has Hypoplastic Left heart Syndrome, now Heart transplant and partial Liver from Aspergillius, but thinks fishing and electronics rule. The most amazing middle-child-sister-aspiring artist. Also, a girl and her Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome, Neuro Endocrine Cell Hypoplasia, Lumbar Hemangioma, asymmetrical gluteal cleft, Pectus Carinatum who loves littlest pet shops, American girl dolls, playdates. And one yummy baby brother who has a coarctation and bicuspid valve and thinks super heroes are the best.

Monday, February 17, 2020

I was only a little bit behind..

Here is the latest and greatest.....

Lego Competition State Championship went great. The guys didn't make it any further, but they had loads of fun.

 Between Runs they could sign up for practice slots and run their bots to ensure that everything was running smoothly.
 This is what the competition tables look like. They're trying to figure out how to set things up before their run begins.
 Here is the team as they head into the opening parade.

 Crash loves the lego pen. He could sit in there the whole day and build some pretty crazy cool stuff.

We scored the best we ever have, but some teams are just so amazing.

 This is our table set up. Each team has something sort of similar and its really cool to go around and visit different groups and see the projects.

 Watching your bot do the right things and not the right things is so crazy...

 The guys waiting for the interview...

Snow Day!!! We couldn't believe that they cancelled school. I don't think the kids have ever had a snow day in their lives. Gator went out to shovel.... actually to redo it all, Jeff got up early and shoveled. Later that day I shoveled again. It was a three shovel day...

I had the best birthday ever!! Lunch with my Momma and my boy!! Then I got spoiled by my hubby and kids. I loved the phone calls, text messages, PM's and Facebook messages. I feel really special on my birthday thanks to those messages. Plus also, I don't feel old because if I were to die at 39, people would say... "She was only 39" So there's that.  I am looking forward to 40 cause I am done with the "get it's"... by that I mean... Get a husband, get an education, get kids, get a house... you know the get to it's... now it's maintenance.... I think 50 starts the new set of get-to-it's... Get the kids graduated, get the kids on missions, get the kids married, get the house paid off, get grandkids, get our mission papers in... if all goes as planned Asher could potentially serve in 2034, that means I have 14 years to work out these other details... Ry could leave in 2024 that is even more crazy.... Alex 2025-ish depending on school, Eden in 2030 and MayLee in 2032. When you write it out it doesn't seem that far away. AAAAAAHHHHH.... 

We have been so lucky to live in this area and see so much growth. With community growth, comes growth in the church and stake. We had another split and a new Stake was formed. President Zamora is part of the new Maples stake. It was an honor to serve with the Zamoras.

 Jeff is now called to serve as first counselor in the Stake Presidency and President Carlile is called to serve as the second counselor to President Wensel. Our stake of eight wards is all squishing together in two buildings. One building is being lent to us for a time; since we only have one building in our stake boundaries. I love to see the church grow so much. It makes me happy. There are of course kinks to work out as we shuffle around a bit and try to find closets and time slots for activities, but we will all adapt to the changes soon and find routine again. I love that President Wensel has his two body guards with the same haircut... 

Sometimes Crash just can't make it through Come Follow Me... 


The Tall and Small Ball was a dream come true to my little girlies... Asher wasn't digging it until we got there and then, then he thought it was pretty great... There was great little cookies, finger sandwiches and fruit kababs. Dancing and Princess's, sitting in the carriage and even a magical castle. Daddy thought his little princesses and prince would love it. Eden said she loved getting all dressed up. May told Dad in his Valentine how much it meant to her and that she wished she could go to more dances with him. Asher was happy to take off his suit coat and eat cookies.  

Monday, January 27, 2020

Big Wheels keep on turning, Rolling Rolling.......

 I love the doctoring that is happening at preschool. Ashy knows how to use all of the instruments correctly. He is too cute.

Alex's Lego league team is headed to state. They had competition at Entheos School, last weekend. Let me reexplain what Lego League is.... The first cool thing is.... Only the robot and the parts used for mission IE: trees, buildings, attachments, bridges are actually built out of legos. The team is also asked to program and code the lego robots to carry out missions. Missions can be anything from moving certain pieces to stack, or even stand pieces in other places on the mission board. It can also be moving levers or pushing buttons with the robot. They only get one chance to complete their mission during a run. The team gets three runs during competition. The second cool thing is, the team is asked to come up with an innovative idea. The team came over on Fridays and we brainstormed ways we could use this years theme "City Shapers" to do an innovative idea. They originally thought way too big and wanted to do a working model of West Jordan as a Smart City, with working lights and such. After visiting with then; Mayor Jim Riding, we came up with some other ideas. They decided on waste water smells,  particularly from Danone and the Water Treatment facility. Both businesses are here in West Jordan. Danone North America was extremely helpful. They took the team on a tour of the facility and also helped them learn more about how yogurt is made and how the waste water is cleaned and then how it can be used. Danone hasn't always been treated kindly by the community, and we thought they were particularly amazing to take a group of kids and explain things to them. They could have easily turned us away, but they want to do things to "Nourish lives and inspire a healthy world through food", even for a Lego league team. The team also learned how smells travel, watched youtube movies on water waste and water treatment. The team read tons of articles, some about the History of Danone and also some about how filters work. Then they drew up ideas, created, and tested their own prototype smell filters. After testing the prototypes, they reevaluated and fixed problems. The really learned a lot. I learned a lot... The third and last thing that the team is supposed to know and do for competition is be able to work as a team and solve problems, this is known as the Core Values of Lego League. The competition day came and their first mission was super successful. They got 190 points. Unfortunately, everything from there took a back step. But they plowed through. Their project  presentation went awesome. The guys came up with a whole name for their prototypes... Gasbusters....and a little song "when something stinks in the neighborhood....  Who you gonna call... Gasbusters".... so fun!!!! Their Core values calls on them to solve a problem as a team. This year they had to move beans without touching them using only a few objects. They were not successful the first go around, they spilled the beans everywhere, but on second chance they got all the beads in except one.... Yay team.... When it came time fore the announcement of awards, they were over joyed to have won first place for their innovative idea, which is now going onto state. Go TEAM!!!

 This is the team... Left to Right...Izic, Gabe, Mason, Alex, Coach Devin, Sean


 Coach giving some advice before the first run. Luckily we had a judge come mention that the robot had to return to off mat. The team went into immediate crisis, but coach talked them off the ledge and they quickly added new coding to each mission and updated the bot.
 Prepping for a run.

 Score board.

 look at this awesome trophy!!! Way to go team!

 This is all the teams headed to state...

Monday, January 13, 2020

And Then...

Short lived....

I got a call from Alex's transplant team on January 2nd that they finally got his DSA back, this stands for Donor Specific Antibodies. I thought we got all of the test results back, I forgot about the DSA. It looks like his are elevated a little bit. Which made them relook at structures, like his coronary arteries. He has a little bit of narrowing as well. Soooooooo now we will wait two months until we can retest.

It was MayLee's Birthday weekend and we started off everything with a Monster Truck Show. Ashy got it for his Christmas present. Then dinner with the Clawson side. We made homemade pizza, per her request on Sunday and I took her Costa Vida lunch to school on Monday. She really did have a great birthday and we are so happy for her. She really wanted a big basket and an American Girl Doll bike seat for her bike. It is so cute and even comes with a helmet for her doll. They will be riding around in style when it finally warms up enough to go out riding again.

The girls made it into the Youth theaters production... Eden and Ry are Who's and May is a little fishy. This was MayLee's first time trying out and she worked herself into a few tears after she boldly sang Rubber Ducky.. She remembered her words and stayed (mostly) on pitch. Eden did a great job,  singing 'I was born to Entertain' with almost as much sass as she sang it at home. Bless their hearts, they totally get stage fright from me. Yet they keep trying out.

Daddy, Gator, Ashy and Grandma Homer all went to visit Great grandma Eiman in Idaho. They did some of our favorite and most important traditions. Visiting Grandma is the best! What little boy doesn't like the Army Navy surplus store?

The girls stayed in town, went to dinner, and thrifting. We had loads of fun.

I got released from primary singing time and I'm now working with the young women. I haven't been in young women for 12 years, so I am pumped to be back again.  I loved Singing time... two Sundays ago I did musical measles... I laughed so hard about where the kids placed the stickers. Especially one of my little buddies lifting my skirt and putting it on my bootie... I promised the Primary kids that I wouldn't take them off until I got home. Hahaha little rascals.