Life with the oldest sister who loves theater and fashion, a boy who has Hypoplastic Left heart Syndrome, now Heart transplant and partial Liver from Aspergillius, but thinks fishing and electronics rule. The most amazing middle-child-sister-aspiring artist. Also, a girl and her Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome, Neuro Endocrine Cell Hypoplasia, Lumbar Hemangioma, asymmetrical gluteal cleft, Pectus Carinatum who loves littlest pet shops, American girl dolls, playdates. And one yummy baby brother who has a coarctation and bicuspid valve and thinks super heroes are the best.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The flower head generation

Yesterday, at the store I heard a women loudly say "This is the generation of babies with huge flowers growing out of their heads" Well I think it is cute, and I didn't say anything loudly about your baby. I will continue to keep that opinion to myself. Munchies teeth are almost in. The two on the bottom are poking up and there is another on the top about to rupture. Poor baby can't figure out why she feels miserable and why mommy thinks her nursing days are over soon.

I picked up five more dresses of different colors and styles all for a buck the other day! Score, love when that happens.

Gator isn't feeling well. It is time to start doing all the things I can at home to make him feel better and when that all fails he is off to see the ped.

I am always behind the camera... Thought I would snap this one.. You can't tell, but my hair is finally getting longer. I always cut it post baby because I tend to need the time it takes to do, it is hot, the baby ends up pulling/eating/barfing in it....... but I am always sad I do when it is at the ugly grow out stage... Hurry and come back hair!
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The Game of Life(Latter Day Saint LIFE SIZE)

I am the Relief Society meeting/activity coordinator... For this activity the bishop wanted the sisters to get excited about being self reliant and begin their storage. Also to be aware of how to use it and to put together some 72 hour kits. So we put together a life size Game of Life. Each stop had a little place to either use an item from their pretend storage or gain an item. The team with the most items was MOST PREPARED! I forgot to take a picture of the treat table, but it had the cutest H2o bottles embellished with a quote and little charms(which we give out in our ward) and dried fruit, granola, and trail mix. It was yummy and most of the sisters could have it because it was sugar free. I was the official spinner cause I was worried it would take so long to spin. It only took one hour to finish up.
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8month Munchie

Munchie Munch is by far my earliest speaker. Ry started with the exact same words at 10 months and Gator was my latest but most clear at 18 months. I have no doubt it is because she has two older siblings who consistantly speak to her. We have started signing with her as well, but she hasn't picked up any of those yet.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Some more of Gator

I am mostly caught up on the happenings here at the H household. There are just a few things I wanted to remember...

I am one of Gator's  primary teachers. His class is so funny and the things they say have me not being so reverent....Like two weeks ago I saw Gator with both hands down the back of his pants....
Me-"Gator boy get your hands outa your pants please!"
Gator-"MOOOOOooooommm I got exx-i-ma on my booty!"
Me-"You need to take your hands out though" (also giving him that look that means business)
Gator-"Why????? will I get STINKY Bum Finger?" (pulls out both hands and simultaneously give all fingers a sniff, just like on that movie with the girl... YOu know?)
"They don't even smell bad Mom!"
(Me and Sister M die laughing)

The other day I was fixing dinner. Gator walks into the kitchen grabs the handles to our fridge/freezer and begins to climb it...
Me-"Hey Sir, get down I don't like you climbing on the fridge that way"
Gator-"But, I am Magnet man.. I can climb fridges, walls..... uuuhhh post-est-es..."
Me-"Not a good idea!"
Gator-Storms off...."DANG GIT"

Sometimes when Munchie get tired in the car she hums loud to put herself to sleep... This just about drives Gator nuts. So I will turn on the radio to drown out the humming and take his mind off of it... She was having an episode of humming and Gator trying hard to be patient with his little sister says.
 "Hey mom, how bout some tunes?" 
(What the Four year old)

Catching our first summer sun

It was fleeting and it sprinkled rain this day too, we braved it for a quick splash at a family reunion. Munchie spent about ten minutes in the water then she enjoyed the rest of the time sitting on a towel eating bath product bottles....

Ry was so excited to swim. She has been dying to get to the water. the deepest this pool got was a foot an a half. She had a great time anyway. Don't get me started on the front of this swim suit. It almost goes down to her belly button. at least the important parts are covered.

My children could be part fish! Gator could be a blue fish. He was cold after and needed a long rest to warm up.
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Field day

The whole idea was to get wet, not get shot in the face with a sprinkler! I love the little guy way out to the left. He is looking at everyone like "So what's your problem?

I volunteered to help.. Which means I also got to see Ry try out the slip-n-slide.

Here is Munchie enjoying field day too. She actually slept a lot of the time in her shade!
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never a dull moment

Munchie is busy, always wanting to eat anything off the floor and commando crawling!

Who is this child... Does anyone know who this is?
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Can you believe that we are heading out to sunny FLORIDA in just two months.... We got a call from Make A Wish that told us that the Disney Cruise could be scheduled for Jan 14th. With Gator needing his Fontan in the fall it was a little too far away. So we talked to Gator about it and he decided he really wanted to see Micky Mouse club house, and Lighting McQueen. This would be a dream come true for him. So our official dates are first week in August. We can't wait! I like that my little man is flexible. There is a wonderful school that raised a bunch of money and actually set a record for an elementary schools. As a reward the school kids got to throw (whip cream) pies in the faces of their teachers and the principal. We were invited to join in on the fun as one of the families that they raised money for. The other two kiddo's are Gator's heart friends Jax and Arianna. These three have even been in the hospital at the same time. They are all pretty close to the same ages.

Gator loved the pie action, our family got up in front of the school and talked about Gator and his broken heart. Then when I was all done I told the school that Gator had something to tell them... At first he said "I can't remember Mom"... then in the mic he said..."Thank You!" and the kids all cheered. It was a fun event.
Such a great daddy. He held Gator for all the kids to see, since he is such a short little man. Gator waved at everyone like he was a celebrity.

Here is Gator with one of the coordinators for Make A Wish, she also works at the awesome school.
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First year Preschool Grad

I was so proud to have Gator actually participate by sitting and saying his part. He didn't care for the singing and actions. He did wear his hat. So all in all he did very well...

I let him "pull" faces for the camera so he wouldn't get nervous.

Yeah! A shot with Miss Joey!

This is a stance of, I am totally embarrassed to be here right now.
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Monday, June 6, 2011


This is Gator at the Soccer Games....

Playing and being a "Nut-blonde-hair". Right now his eyebrows are so blonde, his hair is super blonde, and his skin is browning fast. He reminds me of a little Umpa-loopa... Cute!

Munchie at the soccer games...

Just happy to be outside. She did have sunscreen on and I can still see that little shoulder turning pink.
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Soccer Star!

Our little girl can look tough on the field.

She stands inches above all the boys.

At her age bracket they don't really keep score. It is about team work, learning rules and having fun. Her team did do pretty darn good and only lost 2 games. It was hard to watch the games they won by a land slide, because I like it when the other team scored too. Those other teams little slumped shoulders and the mommies and daddies explaining that they still did a good job. It was way better to have them almost tie. I don't think her heart was in the last game, she just wanted the treats and the trophy. I asked her what next? She wants to try swimming and then maybe Ballroom dancing. Her logic.... They dance and they get to wear those flowing gowns and high heal shoes... Win all around! My problem is where can I sign a 6 year old up for that?
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