Life with a boy and his Hypoplastic Left heart Syndrome, now Heart transplant and partial Liver from Aspergillius. Also, a girl and her Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome, Neuro Endocrine Cell Hypoplasia, Lumbar Hemangioma, asymmetrical gluteal cleft, Pectus Carinatum and two Super Sisters and one yummy baby brother.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

March 19th

We decided Mays hair is so tangled and brittle at the end. She needed about five inches off.. I just did a quick cut...
Only before pictures... She also took the sheers to one side, lucky for us it looked like a taper. Another reason to trim her hair. 

March 15th

A two year old fit... This kid

March 13th

Ash loves being "Ut sigh" even if all we do is go on a walk. He loves to pick up little treasures. We have a whole bunch of things we have collected on our walks.

March 10th

Ew!!! Healing is gross-er-ish...

March 9th

Ashy fell right out of my bed. Big hole right through his lip. After we got him cleaned up he had his cinimon oatmeal and got that on his face too.

Snot bubble... 

May was feeling left out and was pushing her dolly stroller, while running. It must have hit a rock or a rise in the sidewalk because it stopped immediately, sending May over the top. Don't worry, her nose and lip caught her fall. 

March 8th

So right when you decide to get your yoga on, and the littles take over, there just isn't enough room on the mat for us all.

Later in the day, we went out to enjoy the very first signs of spring in our circle.

Monday, April 17, 2017

March 7th

IHOP is amazing at supporting Primary Children's Hospital. Gator was able to help in his ambassadorship to support Primaries as well. This time they really wanted to talk to him about his siblings. How they have been hospital heroes as well. They had this huge huge pile of pancakes and the butter is real. They even brought out a plate full of bacon which he was thrilled about. Primary Children's does a great job at supporting the patient, however we could give them major major props for how much they do for the rest of our family. 
This is a huge ice sculpture.

Then just to keep it real. Ashy decided that a whole brand new thing of wipes needed to be in the potty.

March 6th

Yesterday was Sunday, May started not feeling well at church and I called in daddy for help. He left meetings and came to pick up May and take her home so I could finish out church with the rest of the crew. I ran her to an Instacare and had her tested for strep and sure enough she had it. But, right as I left out the door Eden was barreling down the stairs and slipped and fell down the second flight...

So back to the doctor today for X-ray. She has a nasty sprain but that's all.
I also had her cultured for strep but luckily she was negative. 

Tend days of antibiotics for one and an arm in a sling for ten days for the other.

Don't you just love when somebody takes random photos on your phone... Homeworking with Gator man.

March 5th

There is a little scratcher in nursery. This is his second time coming home with scratches. Poor boy. I am glad he isn't passing these out. I try really hard to keep his nails short for this very reason. But they are just babies and learning. Don't mind his crusty nose... Those back molers are trying to come in. 

March 2nd

With kids off to school, Ashy got a little just mom to play with time.. We built some Duplo Legos.
Killed the selfies
Then when the kids got home from school, we took Gator to speed skating.

 It's really interesting how common things are used. The buckets are used to teach form, they slide really nice on the ice but help keep the little ones upright while they learn. Plus they have to sit on them and learn to just propel themselves using only their legs. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

End of February

Holy cow!!!!

The End of February did not disappoint.
One family home evening, we decide to go to our local ice rink and give skating a shot. We do live in Utah and have access to quite a bit of winter recreation. Alex fell in love with the ice and wanted to do something, anything to be back on it.... Sooooooo we looked at what was available. Hockey is out because, it's a contact sport. He thought he would try figure skating, but couldn't wrap his mind around it. Then we found out that speed skating is offered. So with one time on the ice he needed to take an instructional Ice skating class. 

He did awesome and graduated to speed skating...
It didn't take him long to catch on and now is hooked... We bought him some spandex and he can wear his helmet. He is off for a little bit until the next season starts. 
The other kids were patient with us as we tried to figure out the best way to keep them occupied while Alex was on the ice.

Good form...
Ashy had a month of injuries. 

MayLee jumped on this mirror. I am pretty darn sure it may be like 14 years bad luck because it is so huge. It was my awesome salon mirror. Sometimes it's tricky to work from home.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Don't you feel tired for me?

First off,

Ry Ry- This girl is working toward some really neat goals and possibly a great business opportunity. Ryleigh's STEM fair project is now going onto State. She is doing more testing and building another prototype, as well as building/sewing a few prototypes for others. we decided to make her project more desirable at state she is redesigning her whole presentation board. She named her product O2 fix. Her project name was oxygen fixation device, and I suggested Oxy Fix because it was the short version of the first two words in her project title. She said that sounded like a drug or a cleaning product. Hahaha.. which she doesn't want to associate with. So she used the medical abbreviation for oxygen, which I thought was appropriate. She is working on a logo design and colors. I love that she is creative enough to come up with things like this, but much more business minded like her daddy to see that it goes much further than a school project. She has been playing hard while off track and helping me a ton with kids. I adore this girl.

Alex Jeffrey- He must be growing up some... Each morning he is getting up, doing his work and practicing. Alex is making huge strides lately. I need to remember to praise him.
 Alex recently spoke at an IHOP conference. He did a beautiful job and was pretty funny. We were at a comedy club, so he wanted to get the crowd warmed up. Off track makes Alex very very happy!

Edee-bow-beedee- She is so thrilled that her reading has taken off. She can actually read books from the library now. That is pretty much, the best thing ever.

She and Alex fight over everything... GRRRRR.... Who is going to sit in the main seat in the car, who will choose the show to watch, if they are doing something incorrectly/correctly... BOSSY BOSSY BOSSY.... I can't always promise sunshine and roses over here at the Homer-stead. In fact, they are down stairs arguing about who knows what, right this very moment.

*pausing to go figure out the status of the argument*

Typical brother and sister stuff I suppose....

May May- I am tempted to call this little girl; The collector and spreader of all small toys. She loves tiny toys and leaves them everywhere.

I decided today that I need to take some more photos of those two little girls. Nothing to show of them at the moment.

Asher-smasher-crasher-trasher-basher...... His new favorite obsession is daddy's tools.... He starts pitching a fit, and yelling "too too too" until I let him hold something.
 He try to use each tool as it is intended.

 loves climbing the ladder.

 Watches Daddy intently.
Is just in the way most of the time. He just wants to be near all the action.

He wasn't the best Valentine. On this day, instead of loving gestures he did destructive things... It started out at about 8:45 AM. I set out May's Valentines and her backpack. She was in charge of bringing 11 plain sugar cookies to her preschool class. I had purchased the cookies the day before. Each container held 10 cookies, that's important and I will tell you why.. I had to buy another container of cookies to get the desired 11 and that is a darn good thing. I set the cookies near May's backpack on the counter, so that I wouldn't forget them. While we were back in my bathroom finishing May's hair, Ash decided to pull the cookies off the counter. The fall of the cookies off the counter spilt them all over the floor and broke most of them. I was able to salvage three cookies to put in the other container...SAVED!!! Because of the rush to get to preschool there is no photo evidence that this happened...
9:30 AM I took May to school and came back to get myself ready. I put Ash in the shower got him dressed then started on my hair. I decided after a bit that I hadn't seen him or heard him in a few minutes. That is all it takes...
Comet and the toilet scrubber. It was not wet and relatively easy to vacuum up. But the boy was also covered in the stuff and I had to change his outfit.

11:15 I ran to pick up May from Preschool and had the kids keep and eye on the boy. Ry started doing her hair and looked up and he was gone. Meanwhile I had gone and come home to find that he had pulled the donut box off the counter. Was sitting in the middle of strewn donuts because he had sampled them and didn't care for them. Except chocolate, he loved chocolate... This also meant a clothes change.

12:30 PM I ran to the potty... 
I came back to find this nice huge mess... 

 I made him help me pick it up... It did not vacuum well. It goes all the way around the table into the kitchen..

No day is complete without a little Sharpie.. He colored on his cheek, the windowsill in my brand new closet, and the inside of my ottoman. 

He finished off his art today with pink. At least I can turn it over.  

Some days I just follow him around so the destruction is kept to a minimum.