Life with the oldest sister who loves theater and fashion, a boy who has Hypoplastic Left heart Syndrome, now Heart transplant and partial Liver from Aspergillius, but thinks fishing and electronics rule. The most amazing middle-child-sister-aspiring artist. Also, a girl and her Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome, Neuro Endocrine Cell Hypoplasia, Lumbar Hemangioma, asymmetrical gluteal cleft, Pectus Carinatum who loves littlest pet shops, American girl dolls, playdates. And one yummy baby brother who has a coarctation and bicuspid valve and thinks super heroes are the best.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Better than me!!!

Gator loves all the handy dandy electronic gadgets! He asks a million times to play WII and iPhone/iPad!!!! Once he gets his hands on it he can navigate things better than me! Here are a few of his photos!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

FHE=Classic Skating

Sometimes for FHE we just do an activity! We hang out together and play! FHE lessons are important, but for this bunch-a-yahoo's, playing together is important too! So we hit Classic Skating. The ultimate pass lets you in to do everything that is available. Bounce house, ropes course, air balls, laser tag, and all the skating/scooting you can handle. We like it because there is something for all us kids to do. Plus, the ultimate pass also comes with pizza, Hurray!!!!! for having a stress free dinner. Although I wouldn't eat that pizza on a regular basis, it tastes very much like a box. Munchie enjoys being pushed in the stroller.
 Gator uses his scooter. He is also learning to self regulate and listen to his body. This is a good place for that because he can tell us he needs breaks and is tired.
 He wants us to watch him because he is Super Fast!!!
 Ry is rocking the blades. She is doing so good on those things, I tell ya! I am really proud of that girl. She can pick up anything and be good at it. (The very best ever???? Nah, but real quality good at it!)
 Proof mommy exists... In all my ugly teeth glory! Some day I will get those damaged front teeth repaired... I do have to say that at least my eye lashes look nice and long that day! I love those guys. Munchie is doing squishy eyes...
 Proof daddy exists... He is telling the story of the FALL... He was doing a trick he had already done like 4 times without problems and then BAM! He fell. We are pretty sure he cracked a rib. Poor guy says he is getting too old (32) to fall like that...There is nothing they can do for cracked ribs, just wait until they heal...
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The Late Night

We have already established the "No Sleep Over Rule" at out house. Dang it, I know I am a way mean mom. My kids just come home grumpy the next day and because they are young they get scared, then at 11 I am driving over to pick them up. Plus, they are my kids which means they will be sneaky and tricky when mom and dad aren't watching over them. So it is a rule and it will always happen. There are always exceptions, like when Gator was in the hospital. When it is just a fun night, I will allow a late night... Something planned and with purpose and with a time to come home... So we had our first late night of the new year. The girls (and Gator) made sugar cookies, and decorated them...   
 He just wanted to eat the dough.
 or lick the frosting...
 I hear the more sprinkles you have, the better your cookie tastes...
 Then they jammied up and got their paint on while watching a movie and eating popcorn. They were making Leprechaun traps...
While their traps dried, they finished the movie.... Ry can't wait to ask another friend over. Poor Gator was so bummed he couldn't have a friend too. It is his turn next time. Thanks Ellie for coming... We had a blast!
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My Ry's Room Reveal

Here is My Ry's Big Girl Room Reveal!!!!

First things first.....  is her Built in bed...Complete with a more mature Bed in a bag which we scored from Walmart for 30.00... We recycle her dresser which is now also part of the built in...
 This is a neat-o light it has a remote and a dimmer for instant mood... She can turn it on, hop into bed, and turn it down to read or listen to music. I cut her name out on a scroll saw before she was born and we have repainted it to match each room redo!!! We also recycle picture frames to match in the same fashion.. A little paint goes a long way!!!
 There is handy-dandy storage for her laundry basket... If everything has a home it is way easier for my kids to keep their room neat and tidy...
 Borrowed this idea from Terry Mommy... How easy and cute to say a girlie girl lives here, than with tons of ribbons... The best part is I had most of the ribbon to make the valance in the first place... It is kinda a sickness I have...
 This is a tie rack but we love that it slides in and out of the way in the closet... So we hang scarfs and necklaces from it... then they stay untangled and we can see everything we have... I have one in my closet too!
 Daddy does closets too! It looks bare because we just went through her wardrobe and took out the things that don't fit. Also she really only hangs coats/jackets, dresses and skirts...
 This was her "salon" but she decided she is growing up a little and changed it to an artist desk. Once a fun black and pink, now painted this wonderful white. We found matchy baskets for her colored pencils. Instead of her salon stool we found this chair at Ikea in scratch and dent for 10.00$... It was all black so I sewed a polka dotty seat cover and wallah!!!
 This is how you enter her bed... you can also see the remote to the light!!!
 Where the stairs are, it squishes the cabinet a little. We still wanted it symmetrical so we store her extra blankets and pillows there... Across the top of her dresser is a drawer for socks, undies, tights, undershirts, her "don't leave low" items like fingernail polish and lotion... Her stash of cash... and that kind of stuff.
 She has done a lot of transforming and recycling too... She got the jewelry box from Auntie Preslee and it didn't match so it got turned rocking blue and we put a big heart over the glass detail... We still need to find a few more things for the walls, but she just painted a beautiful painting which daddy can frame for us so we can put it down there... Also, Auntie Preslee is going to do a painting for her too! We need to get an earring holder to display all her bling and then we are going to call it a job well done!

Now on to the next project!
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jungle gym daddy

Every time daddy lays on the floor the kids think he is a jungle gym! He always has to be on guard!

Tricky guys

That leprechaun didn't get us too bad.... Yet..... We didn't catch him yet either!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Left overs

The rest of these things occurred and I didn't want to dedicate an entire post to the left overs. So everything else will be mushed together in this long post... If you are just now joining us... Skip over to the things you like!
 Ry had a friend birthday party which Gator, Munchie and I crashed... It was a pool party and I wanted to go for a swim. I loath my bathing suit situation, but I did it for the kiddies right? I think it must be in the genetic make up of my children to be little fish. Munchie would walk out to the deepest part of the water and plunge herself under only to realize she is drowning, smile, and come back up coughing. She had a blast! One time I had to pull out the mean momma bear when these ladies were chatting together and Munchie tried to approach their child.. The mom grabbed Minchies arm and shoved her away... I was like; my 17 month old baby that you just clearly made unstable in water, wasn't going to hurt your much bigger kid. Second, Munch fell forward trying to steady herself and grabbed at the ladies leg for support and the lady did the wiggle off motion... Who does this really? We moved safely away from that unaware gal. We don't want to see what would have happened next. Gator loved the water too... He would not let me snap a picture...
 My Ry enjoyed every minute! I love swim suit shopping for kids... They look darling in those things..
 I purchased one of these portable pulse ox for Gator's back pack for next year. We will be trying it out all summer. Speaking of Gator and school next year!!! BEST NEWS EVER!!!! I got an email today saying that the school will be getting and AED!!! Happy dance!!!
And this is a look at the first part of my spring cleaning... It would have looked better if I had done a before picture... This is only a third of my kitchen, I have so much more left to do.. It takes a long time to get things like this done with all the other projects I have been doing. Not to mention being a wife, mommy, hair dresser, nurse, mock insurance agent, short order cook, carpenters assistant and everything else.  
 I did bust out the flip flops and sparkle my toes... The feel free again. Don't make fun of the Flinstone feet. I realize my toes are square! At least I don't have the toe that flips people off, and my snuggle toes are happy!
 Got this for my birthday! My hubs surprised me with it!!!
 My Ry made this for my birthday too!
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Safe kids fair 2012

 There was so much to accomplish at this years Safe kids fair... We needed our usual goodies bag and hair tinting...
 Our visits with the Characters
 We needed to sit in the fire truck
 And ride the PCMC bike safety course..
 Ry will love this picture of herself if the blue hair net! She almost wouldn't do this activity because of the hair net... Such a Diva!
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When the sun comes out

 Munchie loves to be outside...
 When the sun finally does come out, outside is the place to be... It always takes me a little to get back into the blogging groove.. Blogging is important to me... Three books later and I am still in love with the fact that I have our family record for a couple of years... That is huge.... Almost five years...
 Munchie loves our little neighborhood park. We have already visited a few times. It is a little advanced for her but I can't wait to put together a park passport and try out each of the parks this summer! It's free and exciting...
 Ry is building better upper strength and can now do the entire monkey bars. Last year she cried every time we had to come home from the park because she couldn't get around....
 Gator is also loving the weather and getting on his 'electric skooter'
 Munchie is still trying out everything.. A little mud never hurt anyone right?
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