Life with the oldest sister who loves theater and fashion, a boy who has Hypoplastic Left heart Syndrome, now Heart transplant and partial Liver from Aspergillius, but thinks fishing and electronics rule. The most amazing middle-child-sister-aspiring artist. Also, a girl and her Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome, Neuro Endocrine Cell Hypoplasia, Lumbar Hemangioma, asymmetrical gluteal cleft, Pectus Carinatum who loves littlest pet shops, American girl dolls, playdates. And one yummy baby brother who has a coarctation and bicuspid valve and thinks super heroes are the best.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Quick post of who said it...

After pouring in almost the entire packet of Crystal Light Wild Strawberry mix-in, into a small Ikea cup of water....

"I just can't drink this... Yuuuuuckkk!!! It is way too WILD and no strawberry!"

After reading any little book together...

"B end"

Did you guess???

Ry's drink was wild and Gator loves to finish his books:)

Sock Fuzz Obsession

Without naming names.
Someone has a sock fuzz/toe jam obsession. This all started shortly after Christmas. See, we all received brand new socks. Without thinking I let them wear these socks without washing them first. (does anyone out there wash their brand new socks before wearing? I don't!) Someone took off his boots for the first time and discovered the fuzz balls that had collected between his toes. NOW he is always taking off his shoes and socks to see if anything had a chance to grow. He did it in church and I wondered why he was so quiet. He had is socks and shoes sprawled all over under the pew. He also likes to see if anyone else has sock fuzz and his cold little fingers will pick it out for you. Apparently this also occurs in belly buttons in males with tummy hair. Totally something to look forward to. Munchie gets neck cheese and arm pit cheese. This is when she spits up and it collects in the chubbers under chin.. It sort of stays there until it is washed. It smells terrible. I try and clean these areas on both my little children often. We can't have neck cheese and toe jam, it doesn't seem very sanitary.

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Big Kiss

I was desperately trying to get something productive done... Like folding laundry for instance. Then I saw that darling heart clad bootie and thought I better snap a few pictures.

She is trying to eat my face off. (I love every minute of it)

I actually took a few pictures of her and me together. As I looked over the photos to see which ones to keep I saw my post pregnancy body. I am trying to loose the chubbers without loosing my supply. It is not melting off of me. It should melt I tell you!!!!
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monster Truck Guys Night

Gator and Daddy had a guys night out. What better than a Monster Truck Show. The smell of exhaust and the LOUD revving engines are the best things in Gator's life. The hair that Gator is sporting is called Monster Truck hair. This is because, if you were riding in the truck your hair would go like this.

He even wore two MT shirts....

He loved spending time with Dad and seeing the trucks.
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Monday, January 24, 2011


This is a catch up post. Things I thought of last night while trying to fall asleep. Things that kept creeping into my brain saying "don't forget to write that down!" So here they are written down so I can catch some ZZZZZs tonight.

On New years Eve we had such a fun night. We spent some great time with friends. The problem doesn't lie there. We had the kids at our house minus Munchie (she still needs to be with momma). We got a babysitter for our kids, plus three others, so five kids total. No big deal. The babysitter is really good. She is a gal in our neighborhood and she is one of the faves, really hard to book. Anyway, she may never come back because as we came home and got our little family ready for bed. I went to give Gator his meds. Ry says "don't worry mom, I already gave them to him" She must have figured that she could give him meds because she watched us so many times. I freaked out in my head... I thought we were going to have to make a run to the E.R. for a stomach pump. I usually store the meds up high so she had to climb up and get them. Then we also store a syringe pushed into the top of the meds. This way it is always handy. Ry administered his night meds and I wasn't sure how much she had given. I made her show me on the syringe how much she pulled into it. The syringes were both only 3 ml so there wasn't more than that to give and she didn't re-draw. So freaking out I call PCMC to the cardiologist on call and talk to the Doc. She lectures me about leaving the meds down low and also about not talking to our daughter about the dangers of medicine. I already know all of this and I was on the verge of tears anyway. I only really have two emotions: trying to make it light and silly, or crying.... She was getting the light and I was about to switch over to the tears. They said Gator would most likely be fine to watch him for rapid heart and skip his morning dose. AHHHH. Remind me to have that sit down again, I thought we put the fear of death into her before about medicine. She is too smart for her britches.

Then On Saturday we went to my mom and dad's new Chippery. Are you wondering what that is? It makes potato chips... MMMMMM GOOD! They make the yummiest sweet potato chips ever! The Hubs was installing new cabinets in the office. Ry was amazed at all the interesting things that Papa has been using to get it up and running. She was standing under the scaffolding and says to me, " Mom, what the H*** is this?" I had to laugh out loud and then remind her that we don't use words like that. I think it is time to turn off the cable t.v.. I don't even use those words so it doesn't come from me.

Last but not least

We have been trying to get Gator to say the Pledge of Allegiance. He has been learning it in preschool. I love to hear him sing all the songs he is learning while he is alone in his room. Anyway, he finally told me that they said the Pledge at the Monster Truck show he and daddy went to a couple of weeks ago. (I still need to post on that) So Gator was now very excited to learn the Pledge cause those trucks have magical powers I tell you! This is how he said it...

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the nited stakes of merica
and to the plub blix for mmmmmmm stands
one nation under God
indi-bizz-u-bull wissss libberly
Name..... a Jesus Christ AMEN!

He does it so cute. I am trying to film him saying it but he does it different every time.
This was the first time I heard it; it is by far my fave.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh my Darlin'

Oh my darlin', Oh my darlin', Oh my Darlin' Munchie Munch... You are born and ours forever; little babe Miss Munchie Munch! Imagine us singing this to her, then laughing hysterically because she grins huge and then blows out, poop everywhere. I have Ry run to her room to bring back the needed supplies. Ry picked out her outfit, loved her in it so much, she wanted to take a picture. Those jeggings are killing me smalls!
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The Blog Book

Cute Hubs did these books for me. I got 2010 for an early birthday present. I love it!!!!! It doesn't cost any extra to have photo's and it is so fun to look back over everything that you have done in the year. It is the best way to keep a journal. This way I remember what events took place and add pictures. I laughed out loud at the funny things the kids said. It is so precious to me... Thanks Sweetie! I already took an hour and read the whole thing.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things to consider

I have been thinking about my garden for this next season. Should I try potatoes this year? Should I put my rows side to side or front to back? There will be a few more planning months then I need to begin my starts..... Yeah for not being pregnant so I can do my garden this year......

Monday, January 17, 2011

Not being held...

I have found that she will sleep for hours in her swing. I just had to document that she will let me put her down sometimes and she will sleep for a while, even though she is not next to her groceries.

She is such a sweet little sleeper.
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The third

Just in case you were worried that I would forget to take pictures of my third child, here are even more of Munchie. At three months she is getting easier. It isn't that she is a hard child, she just hates her car seat and loves to be held 95% of the day. I love to hold her so that isn't the problem, it is that I haven't found a great way to get all that I need to get done in one day done while holding her. Plus also, I haven't found a solution to her hating that car seat so much. It is the car seat by the way. I put her in it, it in the stroller, and she screamed... sigh.... It was suggested that I borrow a car seat of someone to see if it is OUR car seat. I thought about that. It would be worth it to purchase a new seat just to have her happy. Happy like this at the side...
How could one sweet little person have such lung capacity?

Here is brother trying desperately to get close, even though I have begged him to stop bugging her so I can get a good photo.
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The Bumbo

This little chair cracks me up. Her feet stick straight out in front of her.
Her brother can't get enough of her. I am a broken record..."please, get out of her face!"

Ry even wanted to get in on the Bunbo action..
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Happy New Year and More

I would love to say that my blogging for the new year is off to a good start. Ehhhh. I just got so wrapped up in all the holiday going ons that I really haven't....... okay the real reason, I usually did most of my blogging after everyone was tucked into bed and I was still awake. Now we try and have Ry and Gator in bed by 8 and I am so tired and sleep deprived that I think that is my bed time too. So I crawl into nurse Munchie and fall fast asleep. I just need to do it a little earlier in the day. Or right after I get them all settled in. Or maybe I should try to nurse Munchie and put her in her bed that she has never slept a night in. HA!

For one of Ry's homework assignments she was supposed to finger paint with pudding. So fun, I have done this with her before when she was really little. I bought vanilla, sugar free pudding and added food coloring and let them go for it. We also decided this would be a great FHE so we all did Ry's homework.

RY is my "CLEAN" child. It was kind of freaking her out that we had to finger paint. I promised a full shower after so that she would relax a little.
She wanted to have everything planned out instead of just going for it. Silly girl, an opportunity to get messy and she won't take it.

Gator will take that opportunity. He loved mixing. We also talked basic color mixing like our primary colors, secondary and tertiary colors... Chocolate was neutral and as black as we were getting. He loved making GREEN.
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Year end catch up and then A new years post!!!

We have had a wonderful holiday season. Christmas was a blast, every year we say we won't spoil the children and every year we seem to make out like bandits. This year was no exception. With many things to look forward to you would think that I would want to make resolutions. Ha, no way! I fail at those things. SO instead I am setting small goals that I would like to accomplish. You should see the list that I have already begun to write. The best news of all; I already have a few items checked off that list. Some goals were easy to attain and has completely got me excited to accomplish it all. I wonder if I should make a page of my lists and mark them off as I go. Then when everything is complete I can have a little party. Huh? sounds fun...

Christmas Letter

We visited Santa and Mrs.

Dearest Family and Friends, 2010

I can’t believe it is the end of the year already. Time flies when you’re having Fun!!!! We all feel we have truly been blessed this year. Here’s a highlight of those blessings…. Starting with our youngest and going up from there.

EDEN- Little Miss Eden joined our family just two short months ago. She came a week earlier that her 10-10-10 due date but we still think 10-5-10 is a cool birthday. She loves to have smoochies from her big sister and brother. Eden frequently has one of them begging to hold her. Munchie (as we call her) looks like one of our family, but that look is all her own. She love, love, LOVES to be held and is learning to sleep through the night. She is a perfect addition to our little family and is a complete joy to have.

ALEX- Gator started preschool in the fall. He constantly has a bruise of some sort on his face/head and sometimes a bruise on top of a bruise. He is all boy! He loves to play with cars and trucks, ride his scooter and have play dates. He is still really small and sometimes I forget he is three and a half, until he spouts off a funny comment. His health has been amazing this year. We are anticipating one more planned open heart surgery called the Fontan; which they are telling us is needed sometime this next year. We have been fortunate to do so many fun things because of Gator and those willing to help us make happy memories with him. Hope Kids sent our family to a real-live Monster truck show! It was awesome and we still hear about it. Intermountain Healing Hearts had Heart camp, picnic, and Heart Walk that also includes the family. We love seeing our heart friends at these events.

RYLEIGH- Ry graduated from Preschool, had her dance performance, played all summer long and started Kindergarten this fall. She is taking a break from dance this year except for kids Zumba Atomic at the rec-center. Ry’s favorite things are having her friends over to play and helping mom. She is my very best helper. She also loves having “dates” with anyone who will take her out and spend money on her. She is learning to read and has done a great job at sounding things out. There goes the days of daddy and mommy spelling out secrets in front of her.

BRYNN- Holy cow, I am just trying to keep up with three kids and their schedules. I recently accepted a new and exciting church calling to be the Evening Relief Society Meeting Coordinator. I call it the good old ERSMC! Most know it as the home making leader. I am going to miss my 16-17 Sunday school class. This was also my last year on the board for Intermountain Healing Hearts as the secretary. I will now be part of the executive board. I still want to be involved just not so hands on right now. Three years is a great time frame to want to hand over some of that responsibility to someone else. I am still making people beautiful in my home Salon. I enjoy visiting with my clients and talking “adult” with them.

JEFF-Jeff is busy as ever. He is an amazing daddy to his kiddos and a wonderful hubby to me. He officially opened his business, Copper Canyon Design, in May with his business partner and friend Nic. We have been fortunate in the tough economy to have work and to have enough that I can stay home with the kids. He is part of the bishopric in our ward, going on three years. He loves our ward and really does a fantastic job. He is continually doing his honey-do list which included the garage cabinets, a new main bath cabinet and Ry’s bedroom in the basement.

Well that’s our family in a nutshell, busy and happy. We are blessed by our Father in Heaven to have all of these blessings. We remember the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ at this time of year and we are grateful for one of our biggest blessings, to have a testimony of Him and all that He has done for us. We are also thankful for all of you, we feel lucky to know you all.

Best wishes to Each and Everyone.

We “LUB” You!
Jeff, Brynn, Ryleigh, Alex and Eden Homer

P.S. If you would like to see some of Jeff’s beautiful work go to:
P.S.S As always you can read up on our daily happenings at:
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