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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

MayLee and Pennies By the Inch

MayLee had the awesome opportunity to be the Pennies By the Inch Poster Child. It was truly an honor to have this experience. We didn't know much about the program before hand. Except that the young women or activity day girls would come around each year, and that we loved to donate to help our hospital. Also, when May was little she would go around with us, in her stroller with her oxygen tank.

We found out some amazing things. It's a 96 year old program that benefits our hospital. Check out the webpage Here. You can spot MayLee there too.

MayLee also got the chance to meet Sister Kristen Oaks and help sign thank you cards.
Sister Oaks taught us so much about the program. She said when she was just a little girl in primary, leaders used to take your age and ask that you donate a penny for every year old that you were. Once they realized that wasn't very much; the Pennies by the Inch program was born. They decided they would instead, take the inches you were tall, then have each primary child donate a penny for every inch. 
 Sister Oaks is one of our heroes, and she and MayLee hit it off like peas and carrots.

 They would giggle together about how their hands were sooooooooo tired from signing and signing. Don't worry both ladies were going to reach their goal. They wanted every single person to know how much their donation helped and is appreciated.

 Sometimes when you are only in Kindergarten your name needs to be squished at the end.

 This is the Amazing Angela.... She has helped us with communication and events. We appreciate all that the Foundation group do for us.

MayLee was even featured on billboards in Utah. It was fun to drive past and see her cute face.

My cousin Chelsea Tavana is the most amazing photographer and did all of MayLee's pictures. Oh yeah we are family. If you need a really fantastic gal..... Here is the link to her sight. 

Don't you just want to reach into these photos and squish this little girl???? So cute!!


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