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Monday, December 3, 2018

Let's start from the bottom...... Asher's happenings

Since our last long update Asher has been busy as ever.
Riding his bike....He learned that he can go off bumps, stand up, and take his feet off the pedals.

He also frequently takes off and we find him in little hiding places.

He always wants to play crazy fun things with you.

We built this cardboard garage together. do you know how long it takes to destroy a cardboard garage that took two hours to build? roughly 6 seconds... Just saying.

Everything he does is with excitement, and for lack of better terminology, throwing/destroying. He loves to use gravity to its fullest.

For Halloween he was a fireman. He would only wear the jacket, not the hat or carry the fire extinguisher. He also did not want fire pants or boots.

Afternoon Preschool went to the pumpkin patch. They watched Miss Michelle brew up a special witchy brew. It was tasty. They got to go on a little corn maze. They played on the big slide.

They got to go on a hay ride.

Even Mater was at the pun'kin patch

He is a taster of all things, not a very tidy taster either.

Apparently he has a fascination with body orifices. We were driving to the store, from the back I hear "owwwww, it hurts!" I ask him if he bit his tongue, cheek, lip, scratched something, hit a tooth. Nope..... He can't tell me where it hurts until we get to the store and he can show me.... Now obviously there is nothing I can do until we finish our shopping. We are in the car in the retrieval video. His brain must have been going crazy wondering if this Lego would fit up there. He found out it does and it doesn't come out too easy.

He finally got the hang of Trick-or-treating this year. He was absolutely thrilled with how things work.

The Salt Lake Library is neat for lots of reasons. For one, you can ride the glass elevators all the way to the top floor and go outside and climb the last bit till you are on the tippy top. They have a really neat gallery to check out art. And not only do they have lots of neat books to read, but they have a room in the children's part of the library for  building with big Legos... All around win

Asher had a blast on our Cruise.. We only lost him one time on Catalina Island, when I told everyone "lets go put our feet in the ocean" and he was the only one who listened..... ALL BY HIMSELF!!!

We built lots of sand things together.. this is an alligator

this is a birthday cake

This is a castle with a very impressive wall.

Two cute boys on elegant night

We even surprised the kids with Disney after. It was amazing......
and tiring

He still continues to keep us laughing and is busy as ever. 


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Cindy said...

Oh my goodness, you've been busy! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun!