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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

8 years and counting.

Yup, it's true we've been married 8 years. It doesn't feel like 8 years to me. Maybe cause some of those years were so hard waiting for a baby or helping a baby get well that they rushed by so fast... Important years, just fast ones.

We got to do the neatest thing in my eyes for our anniversary. We spent the day as guides in the sealing room in the new temple. It was really amazing to be able to spend time in that room again. It was warm and happy and peaceful. I hope everyone that came could feel a little of that. My favorite part was all of the little children who came. In the sealing room there are two large mirrors on opposite walls. They face each other and are leaning just so, that when one or many stand in front of the mirrors they seem to be going on and on forever. This symbolizes eternal families and with the mirrors it is tangible you can see what it means. Knowing that I get to be with my hubs and my babies forever and ever is amazing. The little kids loved waving their arms and seeing themselves wave a million times. They also loved the chandeliers... I wouldn't want to clean over nineteen thousand crystals... But they sure do look perdy.

Our claim to fame is that Elder Holland came through with some guest and poked his head around the door and blew kisses and thanked everyone who was volunteering... It was pretty neat.

Again, props to PUFF for watching our kids so we could go. Stittoes are the best.

I look forward to many many plus 20 more years together...


Andrea, the little collector said...

Congrats on your anniversary! What a lovely way to spend it. Hugs to your family!!1

The Redhead said...

LUCKY!! Jeffrey R. Holland is my fave and has a special place in my heart. I look forward to all of his talks at conference. Happy Anniversary and one more thing: I feel like I haven't seen you in FOREVER!!!! Lets get together as soon as this yucky rain goes away.