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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So much better!

We are doing so much better. Thanks again for all the help and nice words.

Yesterday Gator woke up with a little blood in his ear. Melissa a fellow heart momma, gave me this great tip to get an Otoscope from Dr. mom.. I am still learning but it looked pretty ouchie in there. So I took Gator and Ry to be checked out by our ped. (so much for the month without a dr visit) Turns out, Gator has a double ear infection, treating it is tricky... So we have been referred to a ENT. This means a possibility of tubes... We have never experienced tubes in our family, none of my brothers or sisters had them and I can't recall if daddy or his bro have ever had them so it will be a learning experience for us. I don't think it is that major and actually will be rather beneficial. So I look forward to hearing what the Dr. will say.

Ry's cheek is looking great. She is still loving swim... I think we may get some sunny weather to go use those new skills...

We had a really nice weekend visiting Grandparents in Idaho Falls. We were really busy with all the activities but it was a nice break from home. One of the Grandpa's turned 80!!! The only scary part was driving home in blinding hail and rain. Ahhhhh!


Andrea Griggs said...

I'm glad you're doing better-I've been thinking about you and praying for you guys! I'm sorry about Gator's ear infection- no fun!! We have done tubes twice with Ender-who's the ENT you're going to? Good luck with everything and PLEASE let me know if I can help you with anything-I'd really love to help you if I can.

The Snell Family said...

Try to get in with Dr. Grimmer, he is the best ENT and has taken very good care of Arna. She got tubes last year and it made all the difference in the world, no more infections and it helped her hear better.
Good Luck!

Mom of three ♥ said...

Sawyer had tubes done in March and it has been wonderful for him, we have had no problems since. He use to get Ear infections twice a month or more and finally we were able to do the tubes and I am so happy we did it. I had a niece and nephew get them before and I was worried about having them done, but it was not as worrisome as I made it.
We did ours at Primary's, but I think that the Doctor we did it threw is out of Bountiful, Ogden and possible Murray his name is Steven Kelly and he was wonderful. So I hope you find one that will work for you. Good Luck and I am glad that your doing better! Tell Ry hi from me!

Quinney Family said...

Hey Brynn, We did tubes with both Preston and Bryson. In fact Brysons last one fell out today! Anyway we did them at Primarys. It was actually nice to be in the waiting room only 15 min....instead of the usual all day stays :) Glad things are looking up for all of you.

Cynthia said...

We also did tubes. Anna got them at about the same age Gator is now. We didn't have the extra considerations that you do though so Anna's were just done at an outpatient surgery center.

It was harder for me than it was for her. Once she got the tubes, it was wonderful for all of us. If he needs them, you'll be SO glad you got them done. It really makes a big difference for the little people.

I got an ear infection right before we moved to Oregon and I couldn't believe how bad it hurt. The minor surgery is worth knowing your child won't have that ear pain again.

Andrea, the little collector said...

Good luck with Gator. Poor kid! Heard you were in IF and wished I was there hanging with the family too. Thinking of you often.