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Friday, June 1, 2012

Pilot for a Day!!! Hill Airforce!

What an absolutely amazing day! Make A Wish of Utah is the best!
 Gator's appetite for anything with an engine or wheels was totally satisfied by this event. We got up bright and early and headed to base.. It was a little bit crazy because I didn't have my drivers license renewed and was scrambling the week before to get it done. It was actually a little blessing to have needed that info so that I didn't miss the renewal window... The DMV is cracking down and I had to make two trips to get it all done... Whew! Then we were bussed on base! I love that even the bus ride was exciting for Gator boy!  
Gator and daddy and the Hanger! The first thing we did was have breakfast. I love that they thought of all the little things to make it nice for our families.... And having breakfast with jets is right up there on the awesome scale for Gator. 
Then each of the wish kids got flight suits... The joy in this little guys heart over this authentic suit is immeasurable.... He also received dog tags and a hat with his name on it... In the hanger, they also had different things to view and get close too...  
 Gator loved the planes.
 Each child had a special call name (Roger that!) obviously Gator's was Gator... Most people don't even know his real first name... But this awesome guy Gator is with is Tuff..... He spent countless hours as the mastermind behind this wonderful day... He did so much for the kids and made sure to talk to each one and spend a little time with them answering questions...
This is all the pilots!
 Ry loves being part of all of the action. She is such a sweet big sister and even though tons of attention is on Gator she is understanding and enjoys being with us as a family.
 They talked about the equipment that is used in flight. This helmet is worth 100,000.00$ I was a little nervous to have Gator try it on.
 Munchie did her best at being crazy cute!
 This is Mr. Ira at the simulators... Gator loved it because it was similar to video games.... There were so many dials and switches to keep track of...
Munchie and Daddy also tried it out... Both crashed!!!
Munchie also snuggled with Coach!!!
 Tuff is talking to Gator before the show starts....

 The jets looked so awesome... It was very loud and you could feel the rumble of them way down in your chest....
 This is the Captain and his wonderful wife.... The wives all made lunch for us.
 The kids loved everything.... We even got to spend the day with our little friend Hays and her Dad!!! Thanks Tuff and everyone who made this day so great.... Gator loves his flight suit and asked to sleep in it... I told him we have to take it off sometimes....

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