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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We had sunshine once

It's been a very rainy last couple of weeks. Right before the awesome rain that greened up our lawn so nicely that we haven't had to turn our sprinkles on yet, there was sunshine once. The kids (minus Ry who was at school) found their swim suits and played with water guns, ran through the sprinkler and jumped on the tramp.. Hours together outside and happy. 

Jeff and Gator were support for an all ladies bike ride called the Goldilocks. It poured rain that morning. They picked up a bunch of riders. Most needing to be treated for hypothermia. 
The rain has put a hold on training for daddy. It didn't stop him from doing the Grande Fondo. The course came right by our house. I took the kids over to cheer for him. 

Ry had a French night at school. The students displayed art, gave short speeches and we had French treats. 
My little stinker.. She found a stamp and decided to... Ummmm... Eat it? 

Plus anytime she is tube free, she looks so different I have to snap a little photo. 
Eden finished off her first year of preschool. She had her program tonight. This year she learned how to write her name, can say the Pledge of Allegiance, knows the days of the week, can say most of the letter sounds and can follow directions. I have no doubt she will do amazing things. 

I am not going to complain too much.. I am huge, and uncomfortable. Just three more weeks till baby gets here.. Three more weeks people.. There is an end in sight. 
Ry helped her momma out! Thanks for my cute toes.. I start NST tomorrow..  

Last bit of news, we painted the nursery today... Just need to do touch ups and get the room set up. The kids are off track. Although we haven't been able to go too many places. Alex has had low WBC and that means fighting infection or illness would be tough. So we hang out at home and try our best not to drive each other crazy. 

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Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Love those painted many little toes! So many wonderful blessings this year! Crazy to think when I first met you it was just the two children and now soon you will be a family of 7! Love you Girl! You are the best! Thank you for alwasy dropping whatever you are doing to visit with me ever I come to Utah!