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Sunday, May 8, 2016

You should name it Roofy

I love Eden, not just because she is my little girlie, but because she thinks of the funniest things to say.. 

Actually all my children say the most hysterical things all the time! 

But they are as sweet as they are silly.

We have been getting our garden ready by planting our seeds indoors. Each person chose something they wanted in our garden and we are going to try and make it awesome. 
Here are our first little seedlings popping out.

A couple of days later
And this is why she wants me to call them Roofy, the little seed pod stuck to the top created a little roof. Hahaha... 
It's looking better and better

Wearing her London shirt.
After Alex's appointment we decided to play at the blue park. So named for the lovely blue color.. Each park around us has a specific color that is dominant. The kids adore the blue park.

One of my favorite comments from MayLee this week is:
After having the most incredible tri tip dinner May called daddy a fech... Which is way better than Chef!! 

Unfortunately the clouds rolled in and the rain started. Our grass was happy, the kids were not so much. 

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