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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Angry bird.. Angry bird parents, actually

About two weeks ago we realized that the nest in our front tree was occupied by a new mommy and daddy Robin. I thought perhaps it was just those two until we grabbed a selfie stick and found out there were four little blue eggs. The parents did not like my company at ALL. In fact they chirped and snapped their little beaks at me and flew at my phone and dive bombed anyone who came near the front yard. We could see the nest from Asher's room. All the little eggs had hatched and four little pink featherless babies with wide wide mouths were always poking out. The parents were very protective. Momma would sit on top of those babies while daddy would puff up his feathers and fly right at you. I tried to tell them I was leaving them alone.. But they would not have it. Ry and I tried to think of ways to seem scary so they wouldn't fly at us. My favorite was to pinwheel our arms so they would stay back. It was by far the most effective. Over the two weeks we did a little google searching about our little bird family. Well it seemed like today the babies had finally fledged. Relieved to get my front yard back I went out this evening to test sprinklers. (Gotta finally get the water on, the grass is getting a little crunchy) while I was trying to avoid getting sprayed I kept hearing chirping from our window well. Sure enough one of the little fledglings had gotten itself stuck down there. 
I went down stairs, opened the window, and took out the screen.
Ry got me two big serving spoons and I tried to catch It.. All the while it's making a terrible noise which alerts it's freakishly protective parents, they come and try to flap and get to us, don't they know I am trying to help. Somehow the little decided she is going to come on in.. So now I have this baby bird in our house with Ry and I screaming every time it gets near us. We expertly catch it in a toy bin with a purple dress-up over the top so it won't fly around and take it outside. I can't tell if it's relieved or upset that we interviened. All I know is that I am pretty sure it's never been to the backyard and it could be disoriented so I try to show it to the front or find its parents or have it chirp so they can find it..  Which they do. Job done.. They are out for blood... Sheesh!!
I hope it lives, I also hope they move out.  

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