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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Traditions

Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!! It's such a fun time of year! I have tried so hard to stay up with everything; like gift buying and wrapping so that I can actually enjoy the holiday. The things I don't get done, meh, I am not going to worry. It took us until December yesterday... Um, the 5th... To even get the decorations up, and Ry still has to put up her ornaments. That is one of our traditions. Each year the kids get a new ornament to put on the tree. Sometimes there are a few from a particular year because they make one in school or they found one they really like and I make them one. But they can add them to our tree and their collections grow. I have even begun the tradition for Julie (our donor) I buy either a heart or an angel ornament for our tree and one for her family. We send it to donor services and hopefully it ends up with her family. Someday the kids will move into their own homes and have a whole box of tree decorations. Our tree isn't very perfect matching, but I love those smiling toddler faces, ornaments that have been glued back together a million times, Angel's and hearts, reminders of places we have visited and a few from when we were poor newly weds and made all our ornaments. We have a nice matching tree, it's darling with all London related orbs, lights and ornaments. It lives in the London themed family room downstairs. But I didn't put it out this year and for good reason. Asher smasher.... I had started getting out the decorations, and setting things in order and he went right over and began to pull the little snowmen, buttons and beards off of my Santa guys. So we have very very limited decorations that cannot be destroyed by my little guy. Maybe another year and we can get the whole shibang out. 

For the first time ever we have an elf. Eden wrote a special letter to Santa last year and asked that he visit. Well it has been an adventure. Not because having the elf around is hard, it's because Asher has touched him repeatedly and just about sent the little girls into hysteria. And so, a phone call was made to the big guy, Santa Clause at 951-262-3062, explaining the situation and we worked it all out. There is a clause that states that if the elf is touched by a toddler who doesn't understand the magic will remain. Use this number if needed... It works, no lies. You get to leave a message. 

The tooth fairy tied up Kirby to keep him from telling on the Homer Children about not flossing. They have been better at flossing and brushing. 

Asher is giddy about these Yoda-Santa lights.... He thinks they are about the coolest thing ever. He helped me put them up and he plugs them in for a little before he heads to bed. I go it and unplug and put the cord up for the night after he is snoozing. 

I need to get a handle on the Christmas card and letter, but it may be January or even February when it gets mailed... Or maybe I will save myself a whole ton of grief and just email our letters this year. 

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Cindy said...

Our tree is also filled with keepsake ornaments. I love getting them out every year and reminiscing about the moments that make up our lives.