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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Big Boy

Yes, I have started trying to introduce the potty to Gator. Yes, he is only 22 months. Yes, I know that you think I am silly for starting early.

But, I think every child is entitled to an early start. I think that he can do it. Besides isn't potty training in the beginning; training the parents to be aware of the signs that their child needs to use the restroom.

In most countries besides the USA, they start very early. Six months is the earliest that I have heard of a mother training her child. Too early for us. I started Ry at 18 months. The process is extremely slow. I don't think it is the easy route. I don't even want to toot my own horn for starting early. It is just another choice we make as parents. I prefer my children to learn early to save me the expense of diapers. So it is kind of selfish. But, he is doing wonderful at it. In fact today he has used the restroom twice. This includes washing hands, a huge happy dance from mommy, sissy, and daddy, and a special treat to show him that it is a fun/exciting thing to do...... He may be turned off from it in the future and if so, that is okay.

Ry also informed me today that "P" is not a bathroom word. It is a letter in the alphabet. SMARTY PANTS.
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Reynolds Family said...

that's so great!!!!! Won't it be nice without diapers!!!!!!!!!

The Simmons Family said...


I think that Mom knows best and if they even seem a little curious... GO FOR IT!

And yes "P" is a letter in the alphabet...what a silly girl! :)

Lance and Raegan said...

I am FAR TOO LAZY to even attempt it with Logan. You go girl! Tell Gator that we are rooting him on over here, and you too for that matter.
Ok, so Ellie comes home from Primary and gives me the usual minute-to-minute action report of what went on during sharing time and class. I have to tell you how cute it was. She said, "Mom, Ryleing and Brynn both looked so cute today, they both wore their hair down. They looked so cute."
How funny is that? Not funny that you looked cute of course, funny that she notices how you two do your hair! Silly girl.

Quinney Family said...

Yea for Gator!! Glad I am not the only one training before they are 2. Bryson began asking to go potty the month before his Fontan. He was 23 months. I put him off because we had the Fontan to get through in just weeks. Well after surgery and he felt better he began asking again so we bought a potty seat and thought we would humor him until the newness wore off. Well 3 weeks later we are almost done. It is definatly 90% training the parents and 10% the kids. Good Luck Jennylin

Em said...

Way to go Gator! What an impressive little guy (we were impressed long before, BTW!)

Kaidence's Mommy said...

I have to say I am with you on the Potty training. I have potty trained all of my kiddos early. 22 months with McCaden and 18 months with Camden. About 4 weeks ago Kaidence was sooooo into the potty, but the problem was that she was going 11 hours without peeing. Maybe we will know more after our IVUG next week and hopefully we can start. I LOVE having my kids trained early. Good luck and I think that it is great.

Megan said...

I don't know if you remember us, but I still check up on your blog every now and then. Its so GREAT to see your little boy doing so well!! (:

And Alyvia still wears diapers to bed...I've been a slacker at that, so Kudos to you for starting early!!!

Alyvia's mom

berrymom said...

Yeay for you! Those are the cutest pictures ever! It just gives me the giggles seeing that cute little guy sitting on the throne. He is adorable, and I think you are right...he can do it!

Mindurs said...

Dude I am sending Coach over for some potty training action. You won't even notice him.

Let me know how it goes, depending on your success, I might consider starting potty training Coach.