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Monday, February 9, 2009

Necktie tutorial

I hope this link works. This is the necktie tutorial... If I can do it so can you... once there scroll through until you see the little picture of a pink tie and a polka-dot one and click on it. That is the pattern and instructions... I printed off four of the same thing so that I could cut them up for a pattern and use one for instructions..If you give it a shot... Post a picture so I can see...

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Lis said...

As I said to myself in the mirror just now:

"Yes, I've done the knot at least, but damn how bad it looks. I've seen videos from youtube that create a much better looking tie than this. Sure, this is simple and all, but it doesn't really look good in the end."

Many thanks for the link of the tutorial, got the details and even saved the pdf file!

I'm trying to learn this, going to buy some Western neckties at Mycacties for a special someone..