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Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Cereal

Yesterday Daddy gave Munchie her first taste of rice baby cereal. She did really well and wanted more. She is holding on to her Munchie Munch name. Munch wanted to "help" daddy with the spoon. Hahaha... I wasn't in a hurry to start her on solids so she is a little older, maybe that is why she loves it so much.

MMMMMMMM! It only took her a few minutes to figure out if she opened her mouth like a little bird, someone would put something in it. I thought Daddy did a great job taking pictures, feeding baby, and protecting baby from siblings all at one time. And they say men have a hard time multitasking.

Even Ry got in on the action. The other two kids were fascinated with the cereal and asked to taste it. Gator thought it tasted like yuck. Ry ran to the bathroom to spit it in the toilet. I really didn't think it tasted that bad. So now begins the baby food dilemma. Ry loved baby food that was home made. She wanted to explore with all kinds of veggies and fruits. Gator on the other hand wanted nothing to do with baby food (store bought or home made) and wanted to go straight to hard core foods off people's plates. It seems like he liked things like salsa, beef jerky, pickles and frozen foods. It will be fun to see what she likes, blending Or just trying the good old jars of baby food from the store.
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Kaidence's Mommy said...

HA! We have been doing the same thing with Carden for about a month now. I think the thing I find most amazing is that I have a baby that 'will eat.' After Kaidence, I think I forgot how easy it should be. I was so excited that he finished a whole tub of baby food the first time he tried it. I think I was in shock!!!
He doesn't even store it in his cheeks for an hour before spitting it out. I think you can relate ;)