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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Catch up with Ry

Oh how she loves to be Seven. It is amazing that I have a child that old. I miss her during her long school days, but she is having fun and learning so much. This week they had Green Ribbon week at school. It is all about safety. Her favorite day was crazy hair day. We wrapped her hair in blue and red perm rods the night before and pulled them out the next morning. I wanted to comb them out and have a pick, but I had to respect the diva and she wanted to wear them like this.

She was BOINGING them all day. When she got home she told me that nobody thought it was crazy they thought it was beautiful! By far better in her mind. We also had crazy sock day and a hat day. She is doing so well in french and can count to 29 without any help. We have a couple of apps on her ipod that make it fun to learn french. She is also reading so well. She can read so many books from our little library I am happy we have them and she is using them. I love children's literature. She is such a helper at home too. I can count on her for emptying the dishwasher, cleaning her room, a laundry folding party, scrubbing the toilets and the tub. This girl is amazing. I give her a list and she loves to cross things off. She doesn't like when I add to the list mid-jobs so I have to put everything on it I need done and when it is over it is over. I thought I had her convinced she should try out for a local play, just to have something she could be involved in, but I think it freaked her out a little and I still have to work on it a little bit. She wants to try tumbling, or rock climbing camp, or swim team, but it will all have to wait till we are more settled. We started plotting together on her Reflections entry. The theme is "Diversity Means?".... We have a couple of ideas that she wants to try. We will have to take pictures of the process.

I just love her.
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likeschocolate said...

Can't believe she is 7 -wow!

Diane said...

She is such a sweet little girl, and she's grandma's helper, too when she stays with me!! I think she looks like Shirley Temple with her hair all "boingy". Is that a word?