Life with a boy and his Hypoplastic Left heart Syndrome, now Heart transplant and partial Liver from Aspergillius. Also, a girl and her Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome, Neuro Endocrine Cell Hypoplasia, Lumbar Hemangioma, asymmetrical gluteal cleft, Pectus Carinatum and two Super Sisters and one yummy baby brother.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Learning about himself

While driving in the car daddy and Gator have this sobering conversation.
G- Daddy, I think I want to have surgery again.
D- you don't want to?
G- I do!
D- why would you want that?
G- cause then I could have a whole heart!
D- oh buddy
G- yeah cause everybody else has a whole heart and I don't.

He is aware that he is different, not completely bothered by it, but wants to fit in. It is time to reenforce how individuality is a gift and a blessing! We embrace everyone and their differences!

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