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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Little white pills

Why is it that insurance premiums go up and what you get for it goes down??? I would really like to know. This year our premiums went up, but instead of making it better on us to get Gator's medicine it got worse. The last time I went to have his Enalipril filled the pharmacist told me that insurance is changing the tier level for a suspension. Or in easier terms a liquid instead of a pill... Boo hiss. I will spend any amount of money for good health for him. In my perfect world it would just stay what I was expecting and had always paid. So I wanted to come up with a solution to our small problem. After making some calls and a couple of weeks waiting to hear back..... We get to try pills. These are significantly less expensive. I wasn't sure if Gator could swallow a pill. We hadn't ever tried it before. He has taken meds his whole life and will his whole life, so we would have to make the change sometime. This morning I asked him if he wanted to finish off his liquid stuff or if he wanted to try the pills. He opted for the pill. I geared up for a huge ordeal. He put it at the back of his tongue, took a swig of chocolate milk..... And swallowed it down. Nuff said!!! Boy this is so much better then I thought... Here are all the upsides:
1. We can take pills any where, in emergencies and some in our 72 hour kits. Because it doesn't have to be refrigerated.
2. It costs a lot less..
3. I think I can get it at any pharmacy instead of one that does compounding!!!

Yay no down sides!!!


Ali said...

That is so great for all the above reasons! Way to go Gator!
I have had a huge phobia of swallowing pills since I was a little girl and gagged on one. It is so hard for me to even get a tiny little one down.
After I had Tanner, I had them bring me 9 little sacrament sized cups of pain killer since I refused pills... THAT was fun.
So Gator is a rockstar in my book!

Cynthia said...

Yeah! I am glad you can make the switch. Our plan doesn't cover meds AT ALL until we have paid thousands out of pocket. I agree- it gets more expensive every year and they cover less and less. And, sadly, I don't see that changing any time soon!

The Snell Family said...

going through this same issue with Arnas meds, thing is she can't take pills, ever. I had a huge conversation with the insurance co today, they want the doc to fill out a letter of medical necessity and then maybe they will cover the suspension meds that she must have every month, what a big joke. So until that is done I had to pay the huge out of pocket and maybe I will get a refund.

Anonymous said...

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