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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ry's Birthday party

Ry had her big wonderful birthday party.... Every even number birthday she has a friend party and odd number birthday she has a family party. During the planning process Ry decided on lots of themes. There was a cake party, an art party, a mystery party, and so many other things. She finally settled on a late night party. This is very cool at the magical age of eight! She is so funny. It is basically a slumber party, Homer family style. Since we don't have sleepovers/slumber parties. I know, I am a mean mom. It totally ruins Saturday for everyone involved. The kids that stay over and the the family of where they stayed... Because let's be honest, who really sleeps at a sleep over?
Ry really wanted to tell spooky stories. So I looked on line and everything was way too spooky in my opinion. I would have hated to have them go home and not be able to sleep because they got freaked out at a birthday party. Besides, the stories the girls tell don't have the detail that the stories on the computer had... So I started off with an old one I remembered that I thought would be okay because it ends kind of funny instead of scary... You know the old "Gotcha where I want ya, now I am gonna eat ya" The girls all giggled and grossed out when they found out it's a little boy with a booger! Eeeewww! Then they told stories that they either made up or had heard before. All the while Daddy is sneaking around trying to make little noises to spook them. He only succeeded in scaring them once when he jumped out from behind the shed... In panic some of the little girls ran inside....Found out it was Ry's daddy and tried to give him a good smack... We also played 'Spin the Nail Polish Bottle' and the M&M game. I made a mistake and bought mini m&ms thinking the girls had little mouths and the big ones were a choking hazard.. The mini's just melted faster then the bowls could get back around to the girls. It was still fun. I planned a craft... Pom Pom pets... A great idea until I realized I would be the master gluer with the hot glue gun. It was going way too slow for them. I still have three sitting on my counter to run to girls I had to glue up later. We made banana splits... a huge hit... and with five minutes to go, hurried and opened gifts. Parents were coming and we hadn't done the birthday song and candles.... We rushed as they girls were leaving ... I would nix the craft.... Let each girl tell a spooky story, while eating small treats... Get rid of one other game and let them just be together. I was really glad to have all 17 little people there..18 including Gator, Munchie snoozed through it all. It is always a challenge to make sure we invite everyone and not leave out any friends. Ry is squished right in the middle of two age groups. In church she is with an older set of kids that are in third grade, and in school she is the oldest in second grade because she missed the deadline by 7 days. So, we try hard to include kids from both groups... There will always be friends we leave out. Just numbers alone is a hard thing. In our neighborhood she is blessed to have around 19 little girls that fall into those two categories... That doesn't include school friends at all. Whew!   
Because I was on entertainment committee I totally did not get any pictures of the action. Just a before of the kitchen and cake... Zebra theme!!! My cake decorating skills are lacking, but taste rocks and that's all that matters.... Besides little girls don't care that it's lopsided!
I am so thankful our daughter felt spoiled and loved. She had a great time... I am also thankful to have had daddy there to help manage the troops... He did have to "hide" for a little while because that much estrogen is clearly suffocating! Gator is already planning his big party... Do you throw a friend party for a two year old??? I think no... 
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