Life with a boy and his Hypoplastic Left heart Syndrome, now Heart transplant and partial Liver from Aspergillius. Also, a girl and her Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome, Neuro Endocrine Cell Hypoplasia, Lumbar Hemangioma, asymmetrical gluteal cleft, Pectus Carinatum and two Super Sisters and one yummy baby brother.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sidewalk=1, Gator=0

Gator was just playing hard like he normally does... Riding his scooter. I am pretty strict about helmets. If you are on wheels you must wear a helmet. Gator hit one of those rises in the sidewalk. You know, with the water and freezing and melting... He describes it as stopping suddenly and flipping over. Well when he bit the sidewalk it bit him back. He mushed in his already damaged front teeth. Because of his heart we have to call in a Rx for antibiotic... We have the most awesome pediatric dentist, Tyler Reading! He didn't even get mad that I called him on his personal cell! Gator wanted to try school the next day too. He made it through... He constantly keeps us on our toes!!! The girls haven't been exempt from stuff. Ry started having a sore throat last night . This morning I took her in to see her doc.. Munchie and Ry both have Strep. Gator probably is saved from it by the fact he was already on antibiotics. So we have three kids on meds!! Awesome!