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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Mess Maker (s)

Munchie is a mess maker extraordinaire. She does even better with a helper friend... Her bestest buddy ever, came over for a play date. I had a little procedure done so I was a little slower to get to the girls...
The top of the stairs... The pictures really don't do it justice.... Laugh with me now, these things will be memories we giggle about. How perfectly 2 year old of these girls. 
Down the first three stairs to the landing... also where the plant met his doom. The girls pulled out ALL the dirt. All that was left was a root ball. I am almost as bad a plant mom as I am a pet mom... Poor plant now lives in a landfill. It would not have lived through another baby. 
Not done with the action, Munchie tries to smile her way into my heart... Confession- it worked! 
It wouldn't be our Munchie if she didn't taste just a little... MMMMMMM planting soil... 
The girls in all their dirty glory... I had to give them a bath. They thought that was a reward rather than a punishment. They laughed and splashed in the water and wouldn't get out, until the water turned cool and it was OVA!
I tried to ask which girl had the bright idea, neither would give me a straight answer or look me in the eye... Abby did start eyeballing the other plants we have.... hum?  Daddy had been working late, he walked into the mess because I was bathing the girls. He set right to work to clean it all up... That daddy gets a big smooch for being my helper that night.
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