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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The potty training diaries

So I decided on Monday that we would begin the potty training of Munchie... Which, like I have said before is all selfish and not wonderful of me at all...I have a really hard time letting 2 be in diapers at the same time. I also believe that it is more potty training of the parents than it is the child. I read lots of books, asked for tons of advice and read all about tips and tricks on Pintrest... I know that my kids are all or nothing kids and so I had to commit to it. Monday started out a little rocky. Munch had 3 accidents, one wasn't really fair because she went outside and I got side tracked preparing dinner. I couldn't see her to ask if she needed to use the restroom. Tuesday she didn't have any accidents... She also wouldn't let herself have a BM.... Wednesday she had one accident and we followed the run back and forth from the accident sight to the toilet all the while saying... Poopy belongs in the potty, poopy belongs in the potty..... Ten times... She giggled as we ran back and forth... Wednesday she has stayed dry all day... Thursday she stayed dry all day.. Friday she even woke up clean and dry. Saturday still no issues and today even at church she did great!!! I love the free potty training app from Signing Time... Rachel actually sings a song and calls. You can add stickers to the chart on the App, it's awesome... I love to see her little booty clad in pannies (panties) as she calls them... She is hilarious after I use the restroom.... "yeah mommy!!! potty mommy!!!" so many of the books say that modeling behaviors is one way little children learn quicker... She has taken her baby to the potty a ton.... I am so proud of her. She is such a smart little girl and I can tell that she loves to please those she loves.... I realize that potty training at 25 months is early, most countries other than the states potty train early... The cost of diapers is outrageous for them. I also realize that there will most likely be some regression when baby girl gets here.... AND that we are technically not potty trained until we are night trained as well. I think staying dry through naps these last couple of days means she can do it... My life may not be glamorous, but it is so fullfilling and many may not feel like potty training ranks right up there with life achievements... Munchie would beg to differ. This is a HUGE deal to her and I couldn't be more proud! I think having children sure does put a new persective on things... Before it was all about me, finding myself, being a better person... Now it is about so much more. Life is so much better when I am not existing for me, it is to love unconditionally these four and a half people in my life, teaching them and trying hard to still be me but to the best of my ability. Someone once said that the more children you have the more room in your heart to love, and the less time for yourself.. So while I carve out a few minutes each day for personal prayer, meditation and self betterment.. I can't wait to fill the rest of my day doing things for these big and little people I love!!

Almost done growing this baby!!! My body is speaking to me loud and clear when it says "this should be good!" I have had 8 pregnancies and 4 will result in live births.. With fertility treatments, this time gestational diabetes, and my need for a thrombectomy which was only a humiliating bandage. I really think we are full!! I hated seeing the 'down there doctor' who wasn't the kind I was used to. I almost cried when they told me that the surgery they perform is usually done while the patient is sleeping. Because of my pregnancy it was too risky. So with a little local and my fanny in the air we did the procedure. I told everyone I would be brave, I did not promise I wouldn't cry. I managed to not cry, but shake all over from the adrenalin and then had some incredible contractions from the pain... I made it home fine and felt great until the local wore off. Then it all hurt so bad I wanted to chew my arm off... I thought they might give me something for the pain but I guess I forgot to ask... So, I tried some things I thought would help. A bath, some Tylenol, and finally iced myself!!! Whew, I have been in pain before..... that was pretty unreal.. It took days to recover and for me to finally be able to walk without difficulty. I try not to complain because my little son has been through quite a bit in his life and still smiles, laughs and plays. I figure I could take a page from his book. Besides, I am pretty sure that I signed up for all of this when I begged and pleaded to be a mother:). The 'down there doctor' turned out to be very nice and he even had a sense of humor. I need that in a doctor. He giggled every time I said "my bootie" and I giggled every time he referred to my "buttock" he also made me laugh that each side was its own buttock therefor I had two very nice buttocks!!! That whole business isn't so completely embarrassing, just slightly.

Ry and Gator had parent teacher and both are doing well in school. Gator needs a little more assistance but we are determined to work really hard with him. He also loves to please, always wanting to know if it is the right thing. He will get it! He is really great with numbers and problem solving. Ry continues to excel. She is doing great in French and reading. She loves art and really loves math.. That is so different from me!
Daddy is so busy at work. When owening your business that is a good thing.. He does it all for us!


Cynthia said...

It was so fun to see you and catch up the other day. Good for Munchie! I miss having littles sometimes but NOT potty training!

berrymom said...

I loved reading that! You have such a wonderful perspective. You are amazing! LOVES!