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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Aaaaannnnnndddd. I am still pregnant

I went to the Doc today... we are dialated to maybe a 1 and 50%. I had a nonstress test and the strep test. Everything is looking good and baby is head down and looking healthy. I could stand to not be pregnant anymore.. I also want a healthy baby and delivery so I will be patient. However, if one more person asks me if there is more than one baby in here or am I measuring big, I may just have a melt down on them. I may also tell them the advice that is still very good.
The three things you can always tell a pregnant gal....
1. You look great!
2. Can I get ya chair?
3. Would you care for a cookie?
 I can garantee that most pregnant gals will like you a lot... Even if you say these three things EVERY time you see them....

On a funny note, Gator had a friend over yesterday and took one look at my giant belly and said.
"Hey, I know you are gonna lay a baby, I can tell cause your belly is roundy like it"

Yesterday we went to see the lights at Thanksgiving Point with Grandma and Grandpa C, Aunt Preslee and Averee, Uncle Marcus and Aunt Lisa, Arlington and Wells.... Then to dinner at JCW's I love their onion rings.... Things like that really set the Christmas mood.

Daddy has been trying really hard to finish up Gators big boy room down stairs... I am still going to post a few pictures when I finally can think about it....

The potty train left the station for a while last week... AAAAAhhhhh! After the car accident situation...(oh I posted that on FB, I will post the story here sometime) anyway, I wasn't in the car to hear that she needed to use the potty and she had a huge accident that resulted in a whole week of accidents.... Then this week she has been a whole bunch better. I found out she watched one of us blow out a match... Who knew... Now before I get nasty comments about how dangerous this can be... I know alright! I took the matches out of the bathroom and I am the only one who strikes them. She gets to blow one out if she goes potty. I am going to parenting (bad place) but..... If it works?????? Now she is back on track... Okay I can do this.
I knew it couldn't be as easy as it started out.... It's been two days accident free.... Love it!



Angee and Thom said...

Hey lady when is that baby coming out? Just kidding you!
I have been thinking about you a lot. I hope all goes well whenever this little sweetie decides to debut

berrymom said...

I love your three things to tell someone who is pregnant! I am usually quite easy going, but for some reason peoples comments about how big my belly was just didn't sit well with me. I am so excited for you!