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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Peter Pan

Ryleigh, Alex and Eden were all cast in the production of Peter Pan. Ryleigh was Nana and in the pirate ensemble, Alex was a lost boy and Eden was a raccoon in the animal ensemble. They have had rehearsals and tech week and production, as well as cast dinners and fund raisers. The kids have had such an amazing experience. It was really fun for them to be a part. Since I took pictures throughout their experience and some are from others, here is a mishmash of all...

Closing night

This costume was incredibly hot.... It was like wearing a blanket under hot lights. But she sure looked great. When she was a pirate, which was right in the middle of the play, she had to take off part of her makeup, but without me to help apply it again, we had to think of a way to preserve the most we could. I found a beard, which she would put over the lower half, then she had a head scarf to cover her brow so all she had to wipe off was the sides and bridge of her nose. I never did get a photo of her wearing this because she always had to become Nana again before the end of the show. 
Everyone called Alex, Rufio...

 Just practice with Mr. Darling
 All the little Fairies I was in charge of chaperoning one night in the green room.

The kids made incredible friendships, being someone/something different and getting to participate.

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