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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Primary Children's Give-a-thon

We are incredibly lucky to be part of our community. I say it all the time, but, there is something amazing about living here in Utah. People are incredibly generous, and not just with their money, but with their time. We are amazed by the support of those who help us.

Many people who find themselves at Primary Children's Hospital, also find themselves in great distress. I would be lying if I didn't say, it is a place that brings out the very worse in us. Why? because we are usually on the extreme side of things, extremely stressed, sad, unanswered, under financed and so many other things. The hospital and staff know this and they want your experience to be as good as possible. I can imagine that if you are still feeling some of these things then you won't be having a Disney experience, but now that we have moved beyond our most stressful times it is easy to see how much and how often we were ministered to by this amazing hospital, and everyone in our community who supports it. Because, we are aware it would not be that way without the community support. I am most reminded when the children are invited to be ambassadors. Alex and MayLee were asked to come to the hospital during the Give-a-thon. We got to see all of those with a common goal to help the hospital. It felt more like a party than anything. With slush, popcorn, cheerleaders and face paint they all enjoyed it. We talked on 100.3 with Rebecka (oh. my. gosh.... this is my radio station.. so to meet Rebecka was really really cool) We also talked on 103.5 The Arrow. that was also really cool. We did a little bit with the Morning show. All in all we had a great time.

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