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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Did you watch the news???

So I am a little freaked out by the story that KSL did on blogs... So we are changing things a bit... Pardon our dust!!!!! In the mean time... if you are interested in reading what I am talking about, you can check it out on't get me wrong, I am still gonna blog, I just want it to be a little more less-weirdo friendly... I Voted TODAY!!!


Lyndee said...

where is the story? It's all just election stuff now

Likes Chocolate said...

Thanks, I went to their site and saw the story. In general, I think it is still safe to have your blog public. Look at the positive side too; especially with the Nie Nie blogs. That family has been ablt rasie over a 1/4 of a million dollars to pay for Nie Nies medical cost. Most people are not interested in reading stories about other people unless they know them. I liked that part where it said don't put full name information, birthdate, address. One time I saw on a families blog the liscense plate of their car which would have made it easy for people to find them. I am still going to post photos of my children. You can watermark them, and also put a privacy clause on your side link then if people use your photos you do have legal action. In the one story it turned out to be a family member who stalked them kind of sad. I put a site meter on my site and it tells me kind of who is visiting my site. I also have friends who give their kids nicknames for their blogs so that no one can name their children. Good luck!!!!

Simmons Family: said...

I read that story as well! I keep a tracker on my blog and I am considering removing the family names and mixing them up a bit... like this did.

It's such a bummer that we have to be so scared and deal with weirdos.

LOVE the family picture on the right... SO cute!!


Lance and Raegan said...

I heard the story on the radio and I got a little nervous myself. I think I'll just leave out names and ages and the important stuff. Someone also said not to put too much info in your profile either about where you live. Anyhoo, thanks for having Ellie over, she loves you guys!