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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's in a name?

Do you know the story behind your name? How did your parents decide upon something that would be with you forever? Naming our children has always been so fun, yet something we really thought about. I love so many names, I like names that are not used very often, names that remind me of something or stir an emotion of some sort. I started looking at name books before we even told people that we were expecting again. For boys, I love names that have X in them. It is such a strong sound. I like that there are not many names with X, I like that it is an easy letter to write in the early preschool years. For girls, I want something that is feminine and that is (this sounds funny) Boutique-ish. Meaning if I went down to Gardner Village (love that place), there would be a shop down there that sold beautiful little things and my girls names would fit on one of those fancy signs.

Eden got her name after many lists had been made. It actually became her name after these three things happened. First, we have a wonderful friend, neighbor, and example of what we would love our little Eden to be someday. Miss Eden is a wonderful mother, extremely talented, crafty, kind and sweet women. We have a big responsibility to teach our little Eden to be like her. Second, there is a beautiful song that has this name in it's lyrics. I heard the song and loved the name. Third, it has been on our list since Ry. I am so happy we were actually able to use it.

Nichole is also special for a couple of reasons. I have an amazing cousin who shares this name. Also, in daddies last area before returning home from his mission, he was able to baptise a women who had a little daughter that he really bonded with.

And so..... There it is...

I asked my mom how they decided on my name... I loved her answer...
"I saw it on the credits to a Soap Opera and loved it."
Isn't that cool? I love that it wasn't the same run of the mill answer or from a baby book.
Yeah for you Mom and Dad!

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Hope's Blog said...

OMG - I love your mom. I got Hope's name from one of my favorite soap opera characters. I have known for years...and prior to finding out about her heart...that her name would be Hope. My boys are named after is just what happens in our families. My second son and I are both named after my grandpa (Paul and Paula). I love knowing how people come up with is so much fun.