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Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm too sassy for my hair, so sassy it hurts

Gator loves having options. He loves having control over some things and some things I totally let him have control over. His hair styles are one thing I will let him choose. He has six options which he has mostly named himself.

His most used and most known "Faux Hawk" this style done on him since he was a babe in the hospital.

This is the "Monster Truck" Style. He figures if he were driving a Monster Truck with his head out the window this is what his hair would look like.

This is the "Diber Do". I named this style clear back in high school. The "Diver Do" looks as though a scuba diver stepped right off a boat and the water pushed the front of his hair up like this.

This is the "Ubba Dubba". This style is half "Diver Do" and half "Bishop Hair"... He doesn't wear this style often. But he sure looks cute sporting it!

This is "Bishop Hair". Gator named this style after becoming tight friends with our next door neighbor and Bishop. Gator loves having chocolate milk and eating chips like sharks with his buddy. Our Bishop wear his hair like this, which is why Gator insist on wearing his hair like this each Sunday!

This is his last and newest look "Justin Beiber Hair". He loves to be called Justin and dance around. Now, he has a hair style to sport too. He thinks it looks like JB because there is no part and nothing sticks up... Funny Kid!
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The Simmons Family said...

That is so funny! Owen has the same hair styles!! We also do the "Donald" -- comb back all of it-- just to be funny! :)

Aimee Hardy said...

I love, love, love that he let you style him and then take photos of him with each of his "do's." What a stylin' kid. We need another play date.