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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MayLee's Blessing

Similar to a Christening, a Blessing is a time when an infant who is born into our church (we call it 'born in the covenant") Is taken in the arms of her father, encircled by other men who hold the priesthood, and they give a special sweet blessing. They also announce the name that the parents have chosen. I love this blessing because it is personal to the baby.
For each of our babies, the grandma's have made the dresses and the blankets. Each of my girls has their own special bracelet that will be modified if they choose to be baptised and also again when they get married. Their dresses and afghans are theirs to use with their babies or to keep as keep sakes. Gator was blessed in the hospital right before one of his ohs so although he has an afghan and outfit. I don't have pictures of him using them.
I don't have faith in my Photography skills any more so I will be taking her to get her pictures done for reals... In the mean time here are a few to hold you over.
Little squishes dress is unique in so many ways. The whole dress was made from some beautiful things that were inherited by my mom. My great grandmother hand made all the lace and trim on the dress. The gown portion was pillow cases and the bodice was napkins... They were so beautiful how could you ever sleep or get food on them... The lace on the sleeves was hand tatted.. We constructed the head band of left overs. Even the tiniest details around the neck and bodice were pieces that our Grandmother created. My amazing mom, made this dress.
She also made the bracelet. On the day mom was making it she called me to ask what May's birth stone was... I had no clue. We both laughed so hard when we figured mom would know better than me anyway as MayLee was born the day after my mom's birthday. The little Garnet is on the side. 
This is the gorgeous afghan done by Jeff's mom. I didn't get any better photos of it because.... weeeellllll!!! 
This happened
And THIS.... I wanted to show off her cute little bloomers and the shoes I made but the photo session was O.V.E.R

Until the next attempt...
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likeschocolate said...

This dress is stunning! Lucky girl!