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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Operation retrieval!!!

What a crazy day!!! I got a call from my neighbor who has the cutest little boy. This little boy is extra special because of his autism. I had the privilege of being his primary teacher for a little while. I just love him so much. He sure can be a busy handful. There are days when I am sure I would have lost patience with him, for some reason Missy and Jeff have never ending patience..
Anyway, come to find out, their little guy has decided that he is done with his sisters IPod and chucks it over the fence. When his mommy goes to check on him, he is standing on top of some patio chairs trying to see the iPod. She trys the neighbors but they aren't home. I have numbers but find out that everything is locked up tight and they won't be able to help AND they have a big doggy back there. We decide that we can't leave the IPod back there because it might rain or snow. Electronics and water are not exactly friends. I have one of those grabby things and I head over for operation retrieval. When I get there we see that it is about 4 yards from the fence (man he has a great arm) my little grabby thing is not even gunna cut it. We have to get our Macgyver skills on and attach a rake to a telescoping pole and drag the iPod closer. All the while I am trying to sweet talk the doggy into not tearing me apart as he defends his home. We get it to the fence, we have to disassemble the dragging device, then use the pole and rake separately to push it onto the teeth of the rake and hoist it up.. It came back dirty and a little scratched but working !
I came home only to find Ry in tears because somehow Lowis the tortoise has escaped from our backyard under the fence. That was one determined tortoise. She would not let us pull her back to our yard at all. Nope, not gunna happen. One of the kids had to hop the fence to hand her over. So then, we still wanted her to be able to enjoy the nice weather and be outside so I get this brilliant idea to tie a hugiangous (this is a Brynn word.. It is a word that describes size... It is huge+giant+humongous and said like this hue-gang-gus... Just wanted to clear that up for some readers who don't know me. I don't know if they exist out there but JIC(JIC-stands for Just In Case)) ribbon around her shell and tie that to a tree. Smart right? Guess not, cause I got busy doing something and the next thing I know my friend says she is missing again. Sure enough the ribbon is blowing in the breeze. Dang git!!! We go on a hunt and decide she is probably back under the fence and getting the heck out of here. I don't blame her one bit knowing my track record for pets. We hop in the mini van of wonder, and head around the block to the neighbors to knock and see if we can find her. She wasn't there. Ry starts crying again. Poor girl, her heart just can't take it! I go straight to the bush she likes and dig a little this time and there she is! She was tricky tricky.
That is not even all. Today kicked off the first day of Spring break and we went to a friends house for books and breakfast. We had yummy breakfast, read and played games, all while sporting pjs. The kids are having so much fun in this nice weather that after a few jobs I just let them play outside the rest of the day!!!
I am so glad we got everything back that needed to be got. Got it? Good!

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