Life with a boy and his Hypoplastic Left heart Syndrome, now Heart transplant and partial Liver from Aspergillius. Also, a girl and her Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome, Neuro Endocrine Cell Hypoplasia, Lumbar Hemangioma, asymmetrical gluteal cleft, Pectus Carinatum and two Super Sisters and one yummy baby brother.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bike season is here

Jeff road in the Salt Lake City Bike tour, last Saturday. He was so excited to officially start the season. He really liked the route except through Memory Grove because it was so bumpy and rough. Other bikers were rushing through that segment and that made it even more  crazy. The rest of the ride was smooth and awesome. He started the tour up by the medical bridge and finished at the  down town library. It's the marathon route so roughly 26 miles. The first part of the ride had climbs so you can really enjoy the rest because it isn't as uphill. He must have been between the first 20-40 riders to cross because he finished in about an hour and 20-ish minutes. That is crusing. I got completely lost trying to find my way to the finish line in the van with the kids.  The roads were blocked off making it hard to get to, we finally made it. Lucky for us, we have preferred parking and found a really awesome parking spot! Blessings in disguise, our medical madness. We came down to the finish line and watched him cross. Way to go! 
We left at 4:45 am so pj's are exceptable attire! 

She gets so frustrated that her legs are short because she wants to "det down". I won't let her get down until we are were we are supposed to be. She would like to walk. 

Black is slimming but he had totally rocked his weight goals.. Down 33 LBS!!! He has brought down his dangerous blood pressure and really improved his overall health. I am so proud of him, plus he has inspired me and cheered me on.. He looks dang hot in his stretchy pants... 
He didn't LOOSE those pounds he burned them off.. He and I hope never to FIND them again! I found 1 pound last week but I am back to recording and being cautious. Holidays are hard I found.  To make my goal weight I need to burn off that pound I found then burn off the goal pounds. Hurray for bunny food (salads) this week. 

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