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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wax museum

Ry had an assignment at school to write a biography. The end of the project was to turn yourself into the person and sit in a wax museum as people passed by to see you. 
Ry chose Twiggy. 
This was a perfect pick for Ry. While many students chose athletes and persons of historical significance Ry chose a person who had significance to her. A fashionista. A person who came from a rather ordinary back ground to become a person in her industry who helped create and push the bounderies. 

She had to have two poses which she changed every five minutes. Also a short descriptive sentence. When her button was pushed she would say.. "My name is Twiggy Lawson, most people know me for my fashion but mostly my makeup"

It was all seriousness at the museum. 

Here are a couple of her darling friends..
Martin Luther King Jr.

Johnny Appleseed 




Shirley Temple

(This is Whitney, I can't remember who she did her biography about) 

Shawn Johnson 
I was so impressed I waited till five minutes was up so I could see Ellie's next pose.
This girl did not disappoint!!! 

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