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Saturday, October 17, 2015

10/17/15 (I couldn't think of a good title)

Alex had sort of a rough night. He had an upset stomach this morning, but seemed to perk up after emptying his stomach. Daddy did the SOJO bike ride without his Gator boy, this was supposed to be their ride. 

today was also supposed to be Lagoon day for Gator who worked hard in spelling. 
*sigh* he can do it next year. 

After talking to his doctors it sounds like we need to move forward with having to surgically remove the infected portion of of his liver. Also with this specific fungus it  spreads to other organs and parts of the body. Most worrisome is his nasal cavity, brain, and lungs. If the infection is in these places we will also need to take out or scrape out the infection. To help us  see where the infection is Alex went down for a CT. 

I know what you are thinking.. They are saying everything points to NOT having it in his brain. 

We don't have the results back yet. 

He had a nice big lunch and is watching a movie and taking it easy. He has been sleeping a bunch. This has really been a drainer.
Now onto the mending..

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Allison said...

Thanks for the update Brynn. It stinks that Gator is missing these fun events he has looked forward to. We will continue to pray for Gator and for all those working hard to help him.