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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The sorry little SAG

Jeff and a bunch of his cycling buddies wanted to do a training ride up the canyon. Luckily, where we live, there are many many canyons to chose from. This would be the first time he would do this particular canyon. The kids decided we would SAG him. That pretty much means, drive a car with supplies, just incase there is a need. With the promise that when we were finished helping we would  go to the reservoir to play in the water and try out our new kayaks.  When we got to the top of Cascade Springs there was no cell service, which wasn't a problem except I needed to follow my rider a little more closely. I left Ryleigh at the top of the mountain with another SAG group, where the guys would be coming back. It was kind of an up/down thing. I took the rest of the littles with me. We started down the canyon when we heard the very loud and scary sound of a tire losing all of its air. Not a big deal except that now we couldn't call for help and I have four little kids...... AND.... I was driving Jeff's truck, which means my ability to change the tire on my own was pretty limited, since I usually drive our swagga wagon mini van. I didn't even know where to start. I decided we need a little divine intervention and we offered a prayer of safety. After that, I decided we are going to hike back to Ryleigh. HUGE mistake. Which I figure out about a mile away from the truck. Up the canyon won't help us, no cell service and guys coming back up in a long long time. So then we go back down to the truck, grab all of our water bottles and snacks, then head what I think is down. All along the road there are a ton of butterflies. The kids are momentarily distracted by all of them. I am trying to make it fun by counting them and pointing out all the different colors. 
Then the road changes to incline and its not fun anymore.

I put Ashy on my back because he doesn't think this is fun anymore at. all.
We walked for about three miles before we finally flagged down a car and asked for help. I was on the phone with AAA when one of our friends came on upon us on his motorcycle. He wasn't able to ride his bike today, but he wanted to come see the guys. We squished in the car with the family who stopped and Gator road on the motorcycle with Kelly. We went back to the truck and the guys helped change the tire. We didn't do a very good job helping bike riders.

The kids were way happy to be saved.

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