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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Trek 2018

 those are killer polyester trek pants....

 From My journal-
I am still very dirty and rather stinky as I write this. 
I have never been on a Mormon Pioneer Trek reenactment. And though I was very excited, I was also hesitant, because I have read so many stories of hardship. Purposely putting myself in those situations was a little daunting. Plus also, no running water (technically the water ran right past me in a little river) but nothing piped to me.
 The temps would be high at 95 degrees durning the day and low sixties sometimes fifties at night, and the filth was worrisome for my OCD tendencies. 
There is a real live thing called a dirt tan, even if no one else calls it that.
 But we got to our base camp sight, with beautiful country surrounding us and secluding us from modern life. Cell service was out, no electricity and no fires because of dry conditions, no flushing potties and no running water as mentioned before. So while the men unloaded gear, the women set up tents and the “mess hall” area. The youth and those traveling on the bus began their trek into camp. 
The work made us sweaty, then the dust we kicked up from moving gear stuck to the sweat. The trekking was the authentic experience.. 

All in All, I learned so much from this experience...

gratitude, fortitude, love, and peace. How in all of my worries could I find peace? 
The answer is, the amazing youth; their happiness, willingness, and the incredible rate at which their testimonies grew..

 I am also so thankful for sister Dixon’s mother who accompanied us, she had never been on trek and she was willing to come even though she is..... I don’t even know how young?

 But her words are; “your Trek, is where your feet take you! Enjoy getting there” thank you Sister Tuttle for your wise words. 
I need to Be happy in MY life, enjoy my days, my trials and it will pave the way for generations to come. 

I loved this experience, I hope I get to go again. I would do it in a heartbeat. 

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