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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Good Times-Hard Times

I know it has been a long time since Dad has written on the blog, thanks to Brynn you all can stay caught on our situation. It is interesting to hear everyone say how strong we as parents are, but we have just come to deal with the situations that we are faced with because there is no way around it. I must admit that on Wed. when we had to bring him back to the hospital I thought I was going to loose it. Even with all the things Alex has gone through nothing has been as hard for me as seeing him on a full size bed in the ER with about 15 people around him trying to get him stable. We were so relieved to see one of the doctors from the PICU come into the room, and we knew that he was going to be OK. It makes me a little jealous to see parents at the store or around with newborns and it has really made us appreciate Ryleigh's good health and also the good care that Alex is getting. We are so happy to have these two sweet kids and their special place in our family. I am so grateful for a wonderful wife who helps us all to keep it together during this time in our lives. We love our family and all those who have helped us during this time, especially for grandparents and aunts and uncles who are so willing to watch Ry at any time. We love you all and thanks again for all your prayers. As for Alex he is doing pretty well today. Just relaxing and slowly getting better. He is totally off oxygen which is huge, he hasn't needed any since yesterday afternoon. He gets a little agitated when he has a BM but a little Morphine or Lortab seems to settle him down. We keep praying for him to get better so he can once again come home with us. Jeff


Anonymous said...

Brynn and Jeff,
It's wonderful news to hear that Alex is doing better! It must be hard to see it taking so long and seeming so slow at times but he is getting better. He is getting stronger, as are the two of you. He will be home with you again. It's wonderful to know that he is moving forward overall although there will be times he takes a step back. I think after every step back you are all the more grateful for the steps forward. Not that you weren't already but even more so. ;)

You have always had such a great outlook on everything. Having such a positive attitude (and a whole lot of faith) really helps in times like these. I admire you both for holding fast. You are both a true inspiration!

Prayers and hugs,

Anonymous said...


I think you hit the nail on the head about just having to deal with things because there is no way around it. However, if you were not strong parents then the Lord would not have given you this challenge. For he does not give us more then we can handle, sometimes we doubt our abilties but Alex came to you and Brynn for a reason. We look forward to you guys being able to go home again!!

Eric Q

Anonymous said...

Jeff I am so proud of you!! I have known you for many years and you have the most amazing testimony. Testimony of Family, and I do say that we consider your family as our family, and you have the most awesome little family. You have such a sweet dear wife Brynn and together you will be able to stay strong during these hard times. We will always have you in our thoughts and prayers. May the Lord continue to bless you both in all that you do. Love, The Luthi's

Anonymous said...

Jeff you have such a great spirit. I am so glad that you are holding up. I have to agree with what Eric said. I do bleive the lord doesn't give us more then we can take, you are both great people and I know your great faith will hold you through. We love you both very much and will keep Alex in our prayers. Thanks for letting us share this journey with you.
Love Moody and Terry

Anonymous said...

Jeff, I can relate to having the feeling of loosing it...the husband or father usually is the one that feels like they can help in any situation,because that is their huge responsibility to your family.In these situations you have only a few things you can do fast,pray,and give Alex blessings and put the lord first in everything you do. I know that through your strength that all things are possible...with Brynn by your side and a great family you guys will do just fine.If you ever need any help with anything let me know. You guys are stronger then you think and are great examples.

Mike Patton

Anonymous said...

Brynn and Jeff, I am so grateful to be able to keep up with what's going on, without having to bug you with phone calls,not that you wouldn't want to speak to us, but I'm not the only one as I can tell, that is also trying to keep up. How loved you are! I don't know if you are getting my comments. I am not seeing it on your blog(I'm not to good with fiquring out the computer!) I hope you are,just because we want you to know we love you and are praying for your sweet little Alex and also for you and cute little Ryleigh,hoping the day soon will come when the hardest part of these trials are past and Alex will be smiling and giggling and enjoying the attention family and friends are waiting to give him! Hang in there,whatever the reason may be that you must go thru this, I know it is worth it,Heavenly Father knows best,even if we can't comprehend why. Your faith and testimony is growing, continue to exercise faith,Alex is yours forever if you remain strong and faithful, he's a great little fighter and is putting up with so many problems. We are so glad to hear he is on the mend agian,Our best wishes, love and prayers, Aunt Linda and Family

Anonymous said...

Brynn, Jeff, and little Rylie,

It has been great to read and be able to keep up on your situation. You guys are keeping such a great attitude and it is great to know that you have such good doctors and nurses. That makes all the difference in the world! I am sorry you guys have to struggle through this, I am sure it is really hard to keep your chin up some days. All I know is I don't how people do it with out the gospel. My health problems are mini compared to the struggles little Alex has, but i understand all too well the ups and downs and frustrations. Hang in there! He definitely is a fighter. You are always in my prayers! Love you guys!

Love Chelsea :)