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Monday, June 25, 2007

Just keep on keep'in on

Alex Snoozen in my arms
This is Ry in her favorite hat!~~!
So it has been a crazy couple of weeks getting adjusted to the little man and trying to get a feel for how our lives have changed. We are getting more sleep and it has been nice. He loves to sleep in our bed. That makes both of our children. He is just gaining weight and is up to 9lbs 8 oz. as of last Friday. We took him to church on Sunday. I went late and left early. It was nice to be there again. Jeff got released from the Young Men's and he is sad to have that change but I feel like he pours everything into his callings and when he couldn't because I needed him so much, he beat himself up about it. It was nice to see him take a deep breath of relief. Like I said before we have seen the specialist about Alex's development he is finally smiling a little if we coax him and he can hold his head up for short periods of time, we also got some ideas about how to get him strong before the next surgery. Speaking of that. We still don't have a date pinned for it. However, we go to see Dr. Su again on July 16Th and he will tell us more about it then. They do want him to be at least 11 lbs and eating well. They also have been watching his oxygen because that is another factor that will determine when his surgery will be. He is doing great with his feeds and such and we are just trying to keep him safe from his big sister. THE STORY: So all the parents know that if you have to use the restroom you better hold it or let the baby cry and take your toddler with you. I needed to remember that today. I went in for what I thought was two seconds. Alex had just fallen to sleep and I lay him down on a blanket on the floor. I ran in and he started to cry. Well, Ry calls to me that he needs me and I tell her I know and then I hear what I think to be her struggling to lift him. I yell that she better not pick him up... TOO LATE. She promptly dropped him and started to cry. I ran to his aid, he soothed easily and I begin to tell her that she can't pick him up. He couldn't have fallen more than 10 to twelve inches and on carpet but I still called the pediatrician and my mom. He is fine, I guess that is what big sisters are for. Other than that she is a delight and I feel guilty that she used to do so many things and go so many places. I just have to remember that this is all short term and he will be well soon. We are so blessed to have had him during this time of year. I think I would go crazy staying inside all the time... Hey I also wanted to through the idea of preschool out there. I think Ry would do well and I needed some ideas. Or if anyone has ever done Joy school I have questions about that too.


Anonymous said...

HI Brynn -

This is Alayna Williamson. So glad things are going good. For the record, DO NOT DO Joy School!!! It is very time consuming and taxing when it is at your house. With all that you are going through - believe me, the stress of it would not be good. Joy School is wonderful on the weeks when it is not at your house, or if you have the personality for 8 3 year-olds runnning around your house. But to keep them all in line, keep them on task, and actually teach them something, it takes wonderwoman (that is why I now pay for professioanl preschool run by wonder-women!) Also, the fact that I no longer have glitter and glue in every corner of my house is worth paying a bit extra!!

I probably sound like such a pessimist, but seriously, with the baby, I wouldn't recommend attempting it. Also, having Ry away for a bit of time would give you some one on one with the baby which is nice. Hope this helps!! -Alayna

Anonymous said...

I would NOT do preschool with a 3-year-old. They may like it a little, but they really don't need it, and often they end up really NOT liking it because they want to be home with mom. I know it seems like an easy way to get some one-on-one time with your little one, and to allow Ry some space... But I would suggest that maybe she would rather be's the only time in her entire life when you get to have her home all the time! Enjoy it! (Even though I know there are those days...) Joy school is more promising because you just rotate with friends!

Melissa :)

Anonymous said...

Bryn- He looks great and of course Ry is just as beautiful. I think right now I would take a minute and listen to your heart and you will know what to do. You are a great mom and even the best sometimes need a break. It has been hard lately and may be there are some moms who could do a one sided play date for awhile. It is wonderful that that you have him home. The offer to come is still open. It is beautiful there now.Whit our Love The Farnworths

Anonymous said...

Hey Brynn! It was great to see you the other day! Alex and Ryleigh are beautiful children! It amazes me how teeny Mr. Alex is! He looks so much bigger in his pictures!
Hey, in regards to preschool, I am working to get a group together to do a preschool group where we rotate amongst moms... let me know if you are interested!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brynn! I just have to give my two cents on the preschool thing. So Grace loved her preschool group. She went 3 days a wk, 3 hrs a day. I wouldn't have put her preschool except for the fact that I thought that she may need a bit of extra help. She did wonderfully. Also in Florida pre-K (5 days a week 4 hrs a day) is manditory before kindergarten. Kindergarten is like 1st grade and I just couldn't put her in pre-k 5 days a week without getting used to being away from me for a bit. With that being said ... Stacey across the street from mom and dad runs a great preschool if you think that you might like to put her in one for a couple of days a week(I wouldn't do anymore than that). She is still young and really doesn't need preschool until age 4. Keep in mind that anything that Ryleigh picks up around other children will be brought home to you and Alex. I personally wouldn't take the risk especially because Ryleigh is so smart and active already. You are doing a great job with her. I know that you worry about her development but she truly is better off with you. She is at a formatable age and she needs to feel secure with all the changes before more come her way! Love you and give my babies kisses! alisha