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Sunday, January 3, 2010

There I did it... All caught up.

Christmas clothes... I chose black, gray, and white for our colors this year. I always go with some sort of theme to unite us a little. I got daddy a tie and I have a dress that goes swimmingly.

Forgive my photography, I was in such a hurry to get to church that I grabbed my little camera and took these in a snap. I will take better ones later. I just didn't want to miss this moment, in case I don't get around to it later.

And this would be our newest family member.
Meet- Lola
She is now 11 weeks and is a female chi-terrier mix. I call her a chi-terr.... Or she could be a Terr-chi... Either way she is supposed to stay little. Which means little poops. As you can tell she is bout the size of a remote control. Ry got her for Christmas, although a little earlier then planned because on the day I went to get her the breeder was leaving to go out of town and I had no way of getting her home. We had no food for her, but I just thought she was so sweet so I let Ry bring her home. That night we decided to wait for daddy to come home so that we could have a family meeting to name her. Ry and I talked about names all day. I would write down the names that we both liked so that we could review them all at the meeting. When we finally sat together as a family, daddy wanted to make sure that Gator was feeling part of it so he turned and asked him. "What would you like to name the puppy?" without even a hesitation gator replied "Tractor"... So we wrote it down... It was hard to choose something suitable... After all, we had some awesome names... Daisy, Lollie, Hazel, Tractor, Zoey.... In the end I think we found the perfect name for little Lola... She hardly walks, Ry carries her constantly.

About three days after we got Lola, Christmas day, we took her with us to G-ma and G-pa's house. After opening all the gifts we were playing with toys when Gator started wrenching and gagging.... Worried that he might loose his brunch, daddy grabbed the nearest thing to "catch" it in... Gator spit out a little bit of brown gooooo... What??????? Daddy asked Gator "Why did you spit in there, What did you spit in there?" to that Gator said "I DON'T LIKE DOG FOOD!!!" ----Nuff said!

Gator is also just the right size for an attack of his diaper area... So we must watch that he doesn't run around without protection... The other day she managed to nip at him. He could have been injured, injured bad.

So now I am caught up on our family. I need to blog hop to all the others I have been meaning to read.
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likeschocolate said...

WOW! A puppy! Congratulations! I think, but I am sure the children are happy! Hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year!

J.B. said...

Um, did you plan your matchy-ness around the puppy? Very cute, all around.

Mindurs said...

How cute! I love your little family. Congrats on your new addition, Lola is adorable.

Kara and Cody Markham said...

What a CUTE Puppy!! I love dogs. I hope he is easy so train:) Merry Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

Too Funny, I have heard that dog food is less than pleasant for us humans.