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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On her way!

Ry has been asking for a little sewing instruction. So we started out with a little project that she could finish in a few minutes. She is actually very good. We made a little bag. She helped me sew on the machine, then she learned how to sew by hand. Two little techniques, a running stitch and the whip stitch. Then she helped me do the button hole on the machine and she learned how to sew on the button. It wasn't very fancy. It wasn't very hard. Considering that she is five and wants to go for Barbie clothes next, I feel it a huge success. There were tears on two occasions. The first, she poked her finger "Really bad!" and the second when she tried for about twenty minutes to thread the darn needle. I told her it was hard and took practice and that she could put it down and finish another time. She doesn't do that very well... Kinda like tying her shoes, riding her two wheeler, and braiding hair. She will do it until she CAN do it and do it well... I really like that about her. Some things I think are way over her head until she gives it a shot. She usually succeeds.

She loved that the thread was bright red.

This was the sewing kit she talked me into buying for her.
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Hope's Blog said...

That is really sweet. I wish I knew how to sew...maybe I should come for a lesson.

Cynthia said...

Doncha love being able to share the crafty thing with your daughter? My Bethany is also crafty and learning to sew.

Oh- you might want to look into getting her an 18" My Generation doll from Target or an American Girl Doll. They have tons of patterns for clothes for those dolls and they're much easier to sew/fit than Barbies. Bethany has started designing clothes that we then make patterns for etc. MUCH easier!