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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Game of Life(Latter Day Saint LIFE SIZE)

I am the Relief Society meeting/activity coordinator... For this activity the bishop wanted the sisters to get excited about being self reliant and begin their storage. Also to be aware of how to use it and to put together some 72 hour kits. So we put together a life size Game of Life. Each stop had a little place to either use an item from their pretend storage or gain an item. The team with the most items was MOST PREPARED! I forgot to take a picture of the treat table, but it had the cutest H2o bottles embellished with a quote and little charms(which we give out in our ward) and dried fruit, granola, and trail mix. It was yummy and most of the sisters could have it because it was sugar free. I was the official spinner cause I was worried it would take so long to spin. It only took one hour to finish up.
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JN Designs said...

You are so creative. It looks darling!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brynn,
This is sarah wyman ( angel Noah wymans mommy) I have the calling of emergency prepardness in our ward and I would love the specifics of this activity. It looks so fun, if you wouldn't mind sending them to me my email is thanks