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Sunday, November 18, 2012

potty training diaries

Week two is down and Munchie is certainly getting this potty training business down. She loves getting to choose which panties she wants to wear. She also loves that she can sit on her Elmo potty seat. She did have two accidents this week. All due to mommy's lack of asking... She also sustained her first potty ouchie... Notice the fine goose egg on her head... We can blame Auntie Preslee.... Just kidding Pres!!!!!  
She has been waking up dry almost every day... She is starting to show signs of night time readiness.... This has been by far the easiest kid to train. Poor Ry, she was right at the end of training when Gator was born and her world turned upside down. Gator had lots of issues trying to regulate himself and with meds that made him go, it was tricky to make it! Each of our kids has trained before 3 years old. If baby girl can train like Munch has then I only have two more years of diapers.... Sigh! Wouldn't that be wonderful? I still love that when we go to public places, Munch cheers loud enough for everyone to hear.... I get a kick out of the gals in the other stalls that giggle at MY potty accomplishments, made known to them by my little cheerleader....

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