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Friday, April 5, 2013

Munchie says

This morning I was finishing up the dishes. Munchie is my helper. Whoever said two year olds can't do chores have never met ME... It's so fun to be able to do things like the big people. Plus how easy will it be to have her take over completely when she can actually see into the sink. For now, she knows how to load and unload... But, her all time favorite part is putting the little soap cake in and turning it on. Those magic tablets are wrapped in their very own paper. When she was really little, she thought it was candy.. One taste later and she knows:) so this morning she had successfully unwrapped the tablet and was going to throw away the package. May was in her bouncy chair watching me sing and load the dishwasher. I also needed her close enough that I could reach her with a foot to bounce the chair if she fussed. Eden had to pass between the counter, island, dishwasher, and May in her bouncer in order to throw it away. She had almost successfully navigated everything when her toe caught on the bouncy chair and she hit the ground. She was totally bugged. The funny part is that she then proceeded to tattle on the floor "mommy, the floor hit me!" Haha.. I knew she was flustered when she accidentally threw the tablet into the trash and said "ah cap (crap) I frode it in the ga-bage, where's it is????" I got it out and she finished up her job. Once done she wiped her head and said "dis is tough"...

I had to call daddy and my mom to share...

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