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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ribbon cutting

I think I have mentioned before how grateful I am for all of those people who help our family make amazing memories. Alex was able to help cut the ribbon for the new outpatient building for Primary Children's hospital. I know that some have mentioned that this is a sort hard transition. But here are some very huge positives.... The outpatient building helps separate the sickies from the well kids coming for clinics, everything is new and modern, the jobs it will provide will help our community, the classrooms and meeting rooms are so much bigger and better apt for teaching (which means even better care in the long run), and it is clean and the lunch room looks like a fancy restaurant.... See so many amazing things... That is just skimming the surface of the building and it's awesomeness. Now, I am a creature of habit, so there will be some growing pains associated with going to the new building... but really... most of that is just walking a bit for Gator and he can always ride in a wagon or wheel chair.  
The ribbon cutting event was amazing and the careful planning for just our family was so sweet. We had a special helper the whole time. Thank you Miss Amber. Our kids were the only children at a very grown up event. That had me worried. I didn't want these important people to think I was a bad mom because my babies behavior was a reflection of my parenting skills. But everyone was so amazing. Jeff spoke because we all know how scared of the microphone I am. I wish that I could sound as eloquent and perfect as he does... I wish I could sing as well at the girl who wrote the song and performed it with the music therapy team. She is also a patient at PCH and did an amazing job. 
What was really cool to see was Jacobson construction. Those men and women who worked on making and crafting a building for healing and peace. And because they had huge LEGO guys... And we all know how Gator feels about LEGO!!!
I didn't take many photo's because I was busy managing the small people... 

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Sally said...

What a cool experience!! You guys ROCK!!